China: The world’s largest Smartphone market



The Chinese mobile market has evolved in few years, from the chinese phone low-cost to new chinese smartphones, sometimes better than western brands.

Globally, the volume of the smartphone market jumped to 43% in 2012 with 700 000 million products sold. But the maturity level of the smartphone market in North America and Western Europe is at its maximum, the penetration rate is less important.

Thus, it is imperative for manufacturers to focus on emerging markets such as China.

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China is the new Eldorado for smartphones’ manufacturers. Today it is the world’s largest market for this product, far from being saturated as the industry forcast an increase of 48% over the year 2013: Currently over 45% of smartphones are “made in China”.

This year also started well and everything seems to prove that it will end in the same way: The forecast are as follows: In the year 2013, 32% of global sales of smartphones have been done on the Chinese market with more 78 million handsets sold in the first half.

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Some figures on the use of smartphones in China

• More than 520 million Chinese surf the web with their smartphones

• An average, a chinese consults his smartphone every 6 minutes.

• 38% of Chinese use more than 5 hours per day their smartphone.

• 75% of smartphone apps are free in China against 25% in the rest of the world.

• More than 500 Chinese magazines recorded more downloads than traditional sales.


The United States behind China:

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With more than 230 million active handsets in February 2013, the United States lose their first place in favor of China with more than 246 million.

This trend should not change if we take into account the demographics of the two countries and especially the growth of smartphone sales in China.

Indeed, only 20% of Chinese have one, and demand becomes very important because the Chinese middle class is increasingly affluent and can afford to buy this kind of phone considered before as a luxury for the rich. Only India could compete in the future.


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