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Chinese are big mobile users. First they represent 22% of worldwide smartphones sales, while the US are only 16% of the market share. They now own 330 million smartphones, which is 150% more than last year. And specialists predict that 460 million smartphones should be sold in 2017 in China, which would represent 117 billion dollars. (Read more about the perspective on  growth of smartphones in China ))

But the competition is rude between foreign companies and Chinese brands. Chinese brands plan then to reduce the prices of smartphones in order to adapt to the emerging markets.

In the beginning of 2013, Samsung for example was first in China with 19% market share. Apple is also very present in China, and even wants to open new stores, to reach 25 stores in the country in the near future.

But these foreign brands also face problems, such as bad ethical image of Samsung, who is accused of treating bad his employees in China, and too high prices for Apple.


So how are the Chinese mobile brands seen by the population?

Sina Tech made a research on the brand recognition of Chinese domestic mobile brand. They asked 250000 persons which company gave them the deepest impression.

Here are the results, also on techinasia website




First a brief presentation of these brands:

  • Huawei, a Shenzhen based company, is the second biggest communication company in the world. It covers different fields such as telecoms, smartphones, tablet, network and cloud. But China counts only for 34% of Huawei sales.

But being in leader in its field, it is not surprising that he arrives first, having the necessary marketing investment funds.



  • Lenovo is the second manufacturer of smartphones in China with 11% market share and a 998 million turnover in the country. It sales mainly hardware, phones, computer servers and hardware, telephones, computer servers, connected TVs. In 2005 it even bought IBM personal computer service. The brand has an aggressive strategy to compeet with Samsung, and adapted to the Chinese market, selling phones at low prices. It is important to notice that Lenovo is supported by the biggest Chinese brands such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.


  • Coolpad is a Shenzhen based company, which became this year the third seller of smartphones in China after Samsung and Lenovo. They sold 189 million smartphones  in China in 2012, and should reach 300 million by the end of this year. Its strategy is also to sell very cheap smartphones for those who use to buy Nokia for example: a Coolpad phone can be bought 80 dollars today.




  • Xiaomi is also a very important Chinese brand for mobile phone, because it is said that they sold more smartphones than Apple in the second quarter of 2013, with 4.4 million units. The company intentionally does not big margin on hardware, and it also works with Android.




  • ZTE, which means Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited, use to be the fourth largest smartphone company in the world in the third quarter of 2012. The brand works in more than 160 countries in the world.


But we shouldn’t forget ZTE has a agreement with China Telecom: if people want to buy credit from China telecom, the only smartphone they get for free is a ZTE one. So the company probably doesn’t worry about his image. Otherwise the brand should invest more on advertising to restore its image.


This explains why that the brand has the deepest impression for only 6% of the people answering.


However we have to remember that the people answering are readers of Sina Tech, and like new technology


What do you think of these results?


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