Shopping spree of China Tourists

With the increasing value of the Chinese Yuan, more and more Chinese tourists are going to Europe and the U.S. for leisure. And recently, news about “China Tourists going on shopping sprees” is spreading widely and becoming one of the most popular topic to discuss.


During the Mid-autumn and National Day holiday, Chinese Tourist shocked on-lookers in Europe and the U.S. by running from one luxury store to another and purchasing luxury bags like cabbage. They are like the wind, come fast and leave fast, leaving with stuff shopping bags. China tourists don’t only focus on luxuries but also milk powder, and cosmetics.
On the other hand, they stint themselves. They spend on what rich people have, but live like poor. As reported in the news that many Chinese tourists prefer noodles in served in hotels to French seafood or German ham.

Trend of Chinese Tourists Consumption

It’s estimated that the craze for the crazy consumption of China tourists is just a beginning. China tourism research institute reported that during the first three quarters this year, China tourists have made 51 million outbound tours, increasing by 20% compared with that of last year. They have spent totally 33.1 billion USD everywhere in the world.
According to the report last year, each China tourist spends ¥46,700 averagely in Australia and ¥44,700 in US.


It also indicates that China outbound tourists are relatively rich in the country.

Data from Mckinsey shows that the percentage of families who can afford cars and luxury will increase 6 times in the next 10 years.
A big wave of China tourist is approaching!!!

What China tourists think about?

The more you buy, the more you save!

The price of luxuries in China mainland is usually 30-50% higher than that in Europe. And many China tourists think if they buy two LV bags, they can save the cost of their air-ticket; so if they buy four, they can gain another ticket!

Companion pressure

Most Chinese outbound tourists travel in groups. They are easily influenced by those who travel with them. They always follow what their companions buy lest that they miss something good. That’s why if some of China tourists see others bought a nice bag they didn’t buy, they would like to come back to the store and take the same bag away.


What do Chinese think about China tourists?

Most Chinese regard this as a shame on them. As they comment:
“70s ostrich”: I don’t feel good when I see it. Maybe they are only a group of consuming animals in foreigners’ eyes.

WilliamYu:旅游的目的是,买东西会去,拍照片回去,丰富谈资,好显摆~ 希望别人羡慕他的旅游,而往往忽略了自己~ 这是个功利的社会时代,国人的各项活动,遍及中外,概莫能外。 via
“WilliamYu”: the purpose of travel is to buy things, take photos, enrich experience, to show~ they want others to envy their trip, but they always forget themselves~ it is what Chinese people do in this materialistic society, in home and overseas.

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