China and UAE

Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the leading technology business community in the region. In a strategic visit to China, DIC explored the Chinese business market looking for greater and long term collaboration with companies from different technology segments in order to promote innovation and have open more partnerships.

China Telecom Global-Middle East and Africa, Huawei and Union Pay are already operating in Dubai Internet City and have been celebrating their 15th year at the DIC last year. Huawei have announced the establishment of its national headquarters within the community in order to reinforce the long-term commitment to the region.

Dubai seeks more Chinese partnerships

‘’China is a very important market and valued partner of the UAE’’ said the Executive Director of Dubai Internet City, Ammar Al Malik. DIC is a major contributor to the MENA region’s digital transformation story. The Executive Director of DIC sees a huge potential at building this partnership by offering Chinese technology companies the best environment to set up and or expand their business in the region.

Encouraging global tech leaders to come to the region is the primary objective of DIC’s visit to China. Dubai seeks to provide a diverse a rich environment that allows Chinese technology companies to innovate and grow their business.

DCI’s visit to China lasted from 19 to 25 April 2017, and its main goal was to highlight the benefits of Chinese companies from the integrated technology ecosystem that DIC offers. The DIC’s team attended the Shanghai international Technology fair 2017 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition.

China-Dubai Business forum:

The team attended a business forum in order to discuss potential Dubai-Chinese opportunities; the forum was hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and China Corporate United Pavilion and drew the participation of many high-ranking Chinese government officials and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. The Event was attended also by 50 medium and large-sized technology companies and gave them the priceless opportunity to discover and to learn more about DIC’s strategy to build technology centered partnerships.

How Lead Generation is important to attract more Chinese technology investors:

Lead Generation is attracting visitors to your website and turning them into potential customers (or B2B partners) by giving you access to a huge pool of traffic. Also, being able to have valuable information about a lead who approached you (name, email address, phone number, etc) is the key that make you tailor your offer and contact them.

1/ Be Online:

To be visible in the most connected country in the world, there’s one place to be, Internet. There is 660 million netizens in Mainland China only, so I let you figure out what to do if you want Chinese investors to find you: ‘’a Chinese Website’’.

In China, people spend 40% of their 24h on the internet; among them we have potential customers, distributors, business partners and potential investors.
Last thing to do to on your website is having a customer service available around the clock will give you the possibility to reply on real time. Remember, you have to be available for your Chinese potential investors at any time.

2/ Visibility is the cornerstone

Are you visible on the first two pages of Google when someone searches your business sector? Good, but this will be helpless in China, simply because the ‘’mighty’’ Google is blocked by the ‘’China Great Firewall’’.

The Chinese use Baidu, the number one search engine in China. With more than 670 million mobile search users, Baidu owns 80% of search engine market shares. Position your business at the first two pages, and you’ll get a very big pool of traffic of your website.

To be high ranked on Baidu, start by choosing relevant keywords on your website. There is also the fact that you have to consider some specific requirements of Baidu (compatible with the Chinese government), for example some kinds content are forbidden.

In the process of internet visibility, backlinks are very important also; integrate them on your website so it can gain more of Baidu’s trust; and last but not least, PPC (pay-per-click) still important (even in China) so people can see promotional offers and special deals leading to your websites.

3/ Social media presence:

So your company is well known on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, you have a great community management, your company publishes a couple of articles, videos, tweets or pictures. Throw away all that with all due respect, you are and China, 99% of the western social medias are blocked by the ‘’great China Firewall’’.

China has its own social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, RenRen, Qzone, etc; today 9 out of 10 Chinese netizens own at least on account on a social media platform.

WeChat is the most used one with more than 700 million users; Weibo is at the second place with more than 222milion active users. Having an account for your company at these two platforms will allow your content to be liked, commented and published, especially if it’s valuable and quality content. So we are talking here about a user becoming a brand promoter.

4/ PR and E-Reputation:

This goes in parallel with the visibility process. The equation is simple: if you have an enormous pool of traffic on the website but you have no e-reputation or a very bad one you don’t get leads.

The process is simple, a lead generation agency in china will make sure the bad comments on your brand will not be seen, and will publish valuable content about your company in the forums and e-business discussions; Why? Because a Chinese investor or distributor will always check in the internet before signing a contract with you, they does this in order to see if people know you, and have very good opinion about your services.

Finally, consider PR and post press releases to communication about your services and destinations.