Microsoft has developed a special edition of Windows 10, a version exclusively designed for China. After years of tensions between China and Microsoft about the ending of the Windows XP support, they finally agreed to a partnership.


Windows 10, yes but…


Indeed, the Chinese authorities pressure Microsoft to keep the XP support going, even though Microsoft have decided 13 years earlier to end it meaning 13 years of exclusive technical support for China: a record. China was very clear about it: they will not take Windows 7 or Windows 8 on any Chinese computer. They will keep on using Windows XP even if it implies to develop their own security patch. Now, after tense negotiations, Microsoft and China agreed to a special version of Windows 10, adapted to China’s needs. This version integrates the services and commands of Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google.




According to Ralph Haunter, the Microsoft’s Operation Director in China, this new Windows will be named “Windows 10 Zhuangongban” which indicates the “special” character of this edition. Ralph Haunter also indicates that this type of partnership may be the future of Microsoft’s products in China, meaning that the company is ready to adapt to the needs of the huge Chinese market.


Chinese market: a strategic issue


Réussir en Chine 2


This move is also very strategic for Microsoft, since it has the objective to reach a billion devices working under Windows 10 within two years after its commercialization, including computers, tablettes and smartphones. An objective that can’t reach without the Chinese users. In eight months, Microsoft fulfilled 25% of its objective, which is not enough to match the objective. This explains why Microsoft rather adapt its products than leave it out of the Chinese market.


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