H1 of China’s e-commerce : What’s more ? Lambert Genin

According to the official data released Tuesday, the revenue of China e-commerce sector hit 4.98 trillion RMB (807 billion USD) in the first half of this year, 45.3% up year by year,

Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet construction, the e-commerce and information consumption in China have been boosted, thus China has the world’s largest number of Internet users. Shang Bing, vice minister of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), said digital consumption has become a new engine driving economic invigoration and boosting domestic demand.

In the first six months, the percentage of consumption of digital products and service increased to 20.7% year by year to 2.07 trillion RMB. The selling of smartphones has surged 120% to 214 million units.smartphone growthAt the opening ceremony of the 2013 National Internet Conference, Shang said China was still in need for improving its broadband facilities and services and accelerating the internet innovation.

Crimes on internet are also becoming more and more often, so it’s imperative that the industry take a stand against cyber attacks, stealing information, online rumors and other illegal activities.

The MIIT will continue to improve information infrastructure and reinforce legal and administrative efforts to safeguard online security.