In the early morning of December 6, influencer Ziqi Li triggered a wide discussion on Weibo, with more heat than ever before, and almost everyone was discussing whether she was “exporting culture”.

It all started with her fame on YouTube.

At present, Ziqi Li’s YouTube channel has 7.99 million followers, and CNN, one of the world’s largest media platform, has 8.06 million followers, only 70,000 more than her.

In a 10-minute video, she shows off seven recipes. This video has been viewed 41.85 million times on YouTube and these videos give users in other countries a window into traditional Chinese culture and rural life. Many people expressed their love after watching.

She is really popular on Chinese Social Media

Ziqi’s path to fame and controversy

From obscurity to today’s popularity, Ziqi Li took three years, during which also attracted a lot of controversies.

In 2016, Ziqi Li’s first video went online. With the release of more videos, Ziqi Li’s video has received a lot of attention. By her own memory, she shot a single video for three days, with more than 200 shots.

Despite of her insistence that she did all the work herself, many people still believe she has a production team behind her.

Ziqi Li’s profitability also can not be underestimated, according to statistics, she can get $1.3 million to $1.96 million in YouTube share. At T-mall, her store’s annual revenue is 360 million yuan.

Calculated by the average profit margin of food +YouTube share, the annual net profit of Ziqi Li is about 160 million yuan, better than 60% of a-share listed companies.

Some people regard Ziqi Li as a simple farmer, while others regard her as a web celebrity. However, she has become a symbol, placing people’s dreams of returning to rural life.