Somebody Hacked CBA Site


The  Chinese Basketball Association website was hacked at night on Nov. 6, Beijing time (GMT +8). On the front page of the website there appeared a notice in Japanese as shown in the following. The rough direct translation is “Diaoyu Islands is owned by Japan, Chinese are China pigs, Japanese technology is the best”.

Chinese Basketball Association website hacked

Chinese Basketball Association website hacked

The news about the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) website being hacked has aroused an extensive heated discussion online. Some people criticized, and even cursed Japanese hackers.


(Japanese “dogs” are so “man of character”, putting their national flag with that of US )


(It’s a shame I’m no hacker, cannot hack Japanese site)


Despite many angry citizens commenting on the hacking, there is another group of citizens raising suspicion about the incident due to some details that were over looked by some:

1. There are so many basic grammar mistakes that probably on Chinese people can understand it because the characters used contained enough Chinese characters for a Chinese not Japanese person to understand. Some Japanese characters are the same as Chinese and with similar meanings, but the characters are in traditional Chinese characters, not in simplified characters. But this message contains simplified Chinese characters, so it isn’t even proper Japanese writing since they don’t use simplified Chinese characters.

2. Japanese government called the disputed islands “Senkaku Islands”, not “Diaoyu Islands” which is used by the Chinese government.

3. The U.S. flag is side by side with the Japanese flag. If Japanese hacker really wants to hack the CBA website to claim the Japanese sovereignty on the islands, what does the United States flag have to do with anything?


Based on those suspicions, most Chinese citizens focus more on guessing who is the real hacker instead of the message itself.


(the IQ of the hacker is a serious problem, he just hacked himself!)

@千夜senya: 用百度翻译翻的吧,连谷歌翻译都不如

(he must use Baidu translation, even worse than Google translation)

@ ChriSxRedfielD:中国篮协网被黑。目测自黑

(CBA site hacked, from my observation, it’s hacked by someone from us)

Chinese hackers also show their suspect on this case, as they comment on the forum for Chinese hackers: cnhonkerarmy

@hzk2006: 唉 一看就是个蹩脚的新, 哈哈

(he must be a clumsy new fish, lol)

@千夜senya: 日本人怎么会说钓鱼岛,这连谷歌翻译都不如吧?