Chinese body care products market

China has the largest popularity in the world, so the Chinese body care products market is also the largest. Primarily, body care products in China consist of shower cream and body lotion. There are some big differences between the markets for these two products, from the date of entry into China, until to the positioning and the target.

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Great foreign companies occupy almost 70% of shower cream market in China

As the substitution product of soap, the shower cream has entered the Chinese market for about thirty years. The shower cream develops well in China and it has the trend to replace the soap.

Currently, shower cream brands in the market are numerous, but the market is largely controlled by two companies, P & G and Unilever. For example, Olay and Safeguard are brands of P & G Dove and Lux are brands of Unilever. Besides, there are also some Japanese and European brands alive in the Chinese market. And the only local brand with competitiveness is “Liushen”.


Face this business opportunity, many cosmetic brands are starting to enter the shower cream market , such as Herborist, Nivea, Garnier, Shiseido, etc.. Enjoying their existing popularity and reputation, these brands are also gaining a great success.

At once, this is the woman who does the shopping and the whole family uses the same shower cream, but it has changed now, many brands develop and publish a series of variables shower cream: Special for man, for child, oil-control, moisturizing … The variable selection extends the market and attracts more customers.

The distribution of shower cream in China is mainly in the supermarkets, and now with the development of e-commerce, you can also buy the shower cream on the websites like Yihaodian, Taobao, Lefeng, etc..


The body lotion market begins later but develops quickly

The entrance of body lotion into the Chinese market starts later. Several years ago, many Chinese thought that the body lotion is not necessary,or they even did not know the existence of this product. And in recent years, more and more people, especially the women and the girls realize the importance of the body lotion for the body care.

The body lotion is more expensive than the shower cream and its targets is mainly the women. The popular brands are also different with those of shower cream, they are rather some cosmetic brands such as Clarins, Sisley, Nivea, Clinique, L’occitane …


Like the shower cream, now you can also buy the body lotion online and there are often many promotional activities on some cosmetics websites, so selling online is a big part in the body lotion market.

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