An outrageous ad which bother the audience

The Chinese detergent brand Qiaobi (俏比), has become very popular over the internet recently with their new advertisement. However they have not expected the anger of many netizen who claim the ad is racist.

The video starts with a young black man covered with paint. After asking him to get closer, the 30-ish woman will stuff a laundry detergent capsule into the man’s mouth and then proceed to shove him into the washing machine.

It is with pleasure that she discover a new young and seducing Chinese man freshly washed out from his cycle.



Netizen’s reaction with harsh messages has been all over the social networks and many negative comments reflect their point of view:

“We found it – The most racist ad of 2016” – BuzzFeed News

“It’s funny that he didn’t come out as a white dude. If we’re to go full racist, that means the detergent is shit” – Snowflake Jab Jab

The origin of the video is unclear, but the website “” reveal an online comment which tells us that the ad was firstly aired on TV and in theaters throughout China.

The Chinese brand whose moto is “Change begins with Qiaobi” has of course drawn the attention, but it is not quite sure that it was in a positive way. Furthermore topics such as racism, sexism etc… are recurrent and lay out problematic portrayals of race and beauty standards among Chinese society.


Bad marketing campaign strategy

Does this video remind you with something?



Probably experiencing some marketing cut-down, the brand Qiaobi (俏比) as you can see has purely copied shot by shot this Italian advertisement above. By hopping to give a humorous ton to the video, the Chinese version comes out racist and give an image of a bad marketing campaign and wrong strategy to the company.

Chinese Brands or Chinese Advertising agency ?

Chinese brands are known to copy goods, ideas, and projects. Many of them choose the easy way but there is no doubt that setting up a wrong marketing campaign without ground work research will give you a bad image and would finally reflect as a lack of professionalism. Especially where branding in China is everything.

Thanks to a specialized agency in marketing and brand development (like ours), you would minimize the risks of bad advertisement and enhance your chances to reach more consumers in China.

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