The health industry is under the spotlight in China. With polution problems and multiple product scandals concerning their quality, Chinese take even more care of their health.


More and more Chinese families are beginning to care about the safety and quality of their food, and they are likely to spend more to ensure good quality.

China’s middle class has evolved rapidly, with more raised income, we see that the standard of life changes and eating habits have changed too. Chinese make sure to eat better and pay attention to food safety.

The food safety concern

Indeed, in China there have been many food scandals challenging all kinds of products consumed in daily life, which has reinforced the concern among Chinese around food security. 86% of Chinese consumers pay attention to food security when they shop.

The incidents on food security have a significant impact on consumers, they will have less confidence in the brand.

In the recent few years, the increasing public concern for the safety of food and beverage has boosted a market of healthy food. As reported by the Wall Street Journal: Ink, dye, bleach, wax and toxic chemicals: These are just a few of the substances that have been found recently in food products in China, reigniting fears over food safety despite repeated government pledges to crack down on tainted eats.

With the demand from both customers and Chinese government, more and more companies set their target on this market. And some of them position themselves as luxury food producers and they usually take the use of some high-tech concepts such as organic food or nano-tech farming.

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A desire to be healthier


Chinese consumers show greater interest in eating healthy food. It is true that today, consumers are paying more attention to what they are eating and stay healthy. They are sensitive to their body weight and care more calories in food.

There is a huge untapped potential in several segments of healthy food:

Consumers are now more looking for healthy food without food additives, ingredients organic, low in calories and has a slimming effect. These four categories are the trends that brands should develop.

Food has become in recent years a recurring theme. Should you eat organic?

Chinese consumers embrace this new trend, they want to eat healthier, we offer them the solution of eating organic foods. Consumers seek foods with fewer pesticides that can harm their health. Having a child will influence on how to consume the foods, parents are more vigilant about food. Families with high income are willing to pay more for organic food.

It has become popular to run, play sports to get in better shape. Similarly, sports drinks are becoming popular in China and 51% of consumers say they drink a sports drink. Why drink sports drinks? 67% say it is in order to quickly regain strength and energy.

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