“Gap wealth” is one of the biggest concerts for Chinese citizens, poll shows.

A poll this month by “Xin Jing News” shows that the widening gap of wealth has become the number one concern for common Chinese citizens.
According to the development strategy made by Chinese government 30 years ago, some people were encouraged to get rich (or wealthy) first and then other people could benefit from them and get rich later. However, the first step in the strategy seems to work very well while the second step seems to be difficult to accomplish now. However, those who got rich first aren’t popular by the other half of the population due to their crass extravagant spending habits. The growing income gap between the ultra rich and the poor is starting to divide the country between the haves and have-nots.


Despite the common public’s dislike with the ultra rich they still wish to attain the same lifestyle. This is one of the driving forces for the large demand for luxury goods, because carrying a designer bag is the ultimate sign of social status.
The second topic that Chinese people are concerned about is corruption. After the Liu Zhijun and Bo Xilai scandals, a new wave of concern on this topic is more prevalent than ever.

The third is the deteriorating living conditions despite urbanization in China. Food quality has been an increasing concern amongst the general Chinese population. The desire to get rich quick with corruption and corner cutting scandals is the result for unsatisfactory food quality. Things like the baby powder scandal and toxic lead filled toys has tarnished China’s food quality control. The increasing concern on those topics boost some markets like green food products, organic vegetables and environmental-friendly products.

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