Chinese consumers totally fan of foreign products ? 

made in china against foreing products

Nowadays, chinese customers are more and more attracted by foreign products. Indeed, after troubles concerning chinese food products, customers are worried about products’ quality they buy and not only regarding the food. Thanks to the buying power’s increasing, some of them, who are wealthier, focuse their spendings on foreign products, especially luxury which proof its quality. That’s why, it is important foreign companies take opportunities of this chinese attractivity. Therefore, it is not so easy to maintain this sensibility because chinese consumers are different than the rest of the world. So, companies have to tailor to them and find solutions.

The online’s solution: to buy and to get information

Foreign companies have to be aware on their new target’s expectations. Indeed, chinese customers are very connected. In addition, they are sensitive to offers and they don’t hesitate to browser on e-commerce’s websites in order to find good products. Then, companies need to adapt their platform to this particular target. These features incluing their website’s traduction in mandarin language by a native, content has to be pleasant to read for chinese users without white and many things to learn, also chinese currencies and paiments methods, such as Union, pay need to be present.

Where you have question and answer : SEO on Baidu

SEO on baidu

Foreign companies have to be visible on Baidu. Many SEO’s solutions pass through the website’s content, but also users’ “clics”. Thus, you can pay Baidu in order to get keywords which increase the clics’ amount. So, you have to pay as soon as you get a “clic”.


Be careful ! Chinese search engines or websites’ hosts are special and have their own tricks. That’s why, Marketing Agencies exist in China. They help foreign companies to penetrate the Chinese market and adapt their strategy because they know it !

Here is an example of agency: Top 7 services purchased online by luxury Chinese consumers

Branding of Social Media  ! 

wechat and its features

As said above, Chinese consumers are very connected. They are totally in love with their smartphones and want authenticity. It is crucial that foreign companies get visibility on famous online plateforms such as Weibo.  


In addition, they have to entertain their e-reputation thanks to Social Networks. Indeed, chinese customers are very influenced by their friends, family, or community’s minds. That’s why, companies need to create Wechat account adapted to their strategy. Don’t hesitate to use all aspects Wechat offers especially concerning entertainments with publicities that consumers can comment or flash offers. Also, using various the social network’s services such as the membership area, adopting the Wechat Pay service so that customers purchase online your products easily, are very important for your awareness.

Hunting for new “tresors”

To sum up, chinese customers love interesting offers, especially concerning quality products. Thus, foreign companies have to emphasize on the entertainment thanks to low costs offers set up in order to attract the chinese target.

More informations: Understanding social media in China

This kind of consumers evoluate quickly. On the one hand, they buy more and more abroad through online platforms or social medias. On the other hand, an increasing of Chinese consumption tourism is noticed over Western countries. Chinese customers don’t be afraid to travel in order to find their favorite products.  

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