Distributors and resellers in China

How do we help you to find a distributor in China


We contact the distributors for your brand

Online Reputation

We will help you develop your brand’s reputation on the forums.

Marketing support

We will provide you with all the solutions to promote your brand and find a distributor

fairs and exhibitions

We help you find distributors in trade fairs and exhibitions

Distibutors and resellers

If you want to sell your product in China, you must find a Chinese distributor or reseller. To do this, it is necessary to have a good online reputation and high visibility to convince them to buy your products. Contrary to what one might think, distributors are interested in your brand only if your brand and your products are profitable.

Our marketing agency can help you find one or many Chinese distributors.

SEO and e-reputation

Before looking for a distributor, it is essential to have a good online reputation and good brand image. Without these, distributors and retailers will not want to work with you. To have a better reputation, your brand must be present on different forums and get talked about. The more discussions around your brand are interactive, the more your brand will gain in notoriety.

To be present on the Chinese web, you should think about referencing your brand on Baidu, the search engine used by the majority of Chinese. To have a better position in search results, your site needs to be translated into Mandarin.

Our agency knows Baidu’s algorithms and can get you up in the Baidu search results.

Press relations

Online press relations help your brand gain brand awareness in the Chinese market. First of all, we need to be familiar with the positioning of your brand before proceeding with a press campaign. Then you set targets and analyze the habits of these. Following this, we choose the right support because there are countless different types of media that can be general, specialized, or professional. Finally, we create quality content in Chinese before publishing them on the various media.

We have more than 2,000 journalists in our address book.

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Frequently Asked Question about distributors and resellers


Chinese distributors act only by interest.  They will not help you promote your brand and simply sell the products in the store, regardless of the brand. If your product or your brand does not generate enough profit and income, the distributor will stop the contract with you. This is why you should not rely too much on a distributor, but be vigilant and try to spot others from time to time.


We offer different packages according to your expectations and your budget. Here are the 4 packages we offer.

Steel package: For this low-cost package, we help you gain positions in search results. And we also make a reputation online. Duration of the campaign: 3 months

Bronze package: For this package, the services are the same as for the previous package, but we propose the press relations in addition. Duration of the campaign: 3 months

Silver package: The silver package offers the same benefits as the bronze package, but with an additional WeChat campaign. Duration of the campaign: 6 months

Gold package: The choice of this package guarantees the success of finding a distributor. In addition to the other services offered above, this formula offers videos, a partnership with one or more KOL and a Weibo campaign. Duration of the campaign: 6 months


To date, there are over 900 million active Chinese on the web. On average, most users spend more than 1.5 hours surfing the net. With increasing application capabilities, the Chinese are increasingly connected. That’s why, without the digital promotion, your brand will have no chance to stand out in the market.


Once you have created your site, you must be present on social networks and Chinese forum, which will allow you to promote your products.

In China, KOL has a strong influence. The Chinese have more confidence in themselves than advertisements because their opinions are authentic. You can find them on Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Meipai, etc. These can increase the visibility and reputation of your brand. Once a KOL recommend a product to his community, the brand will quickly gain notoriety and awareness


You can make yourself known by first selling on small e-commerce platforms such as “Taobao”, “Little red book” or “Higo”. They allow you to gain market presence and the expenses will be cheaper than JD.cn and Tmall.

“Taobao distributors” and local distributors are also a good starting point although you cannot sell in large quantities.