Chinese E-shopper only buy with discount 

 You probably have already all these kind of cliche about Chinese people only buying discount products. Here, it needed to be nuanced because actually Chinese consumer is changing more and more this way of consumption too.

Are Chinese e-shopper only buy discount products?

Why are there so many promotions on e-commerce websites?

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Doing promotions, special deals and offers becoming a usual thing on most of the websites. Actually, this is explaining and painting the rudest side of doing commerce on e-websites nowadays. Why? You have to find this competitive advantage that will make you different from the other ones. If your websites don’t have any promotions but all the others have, what is the purpose to going on your website?

So I would say that offering promotions on the website is becoming a must have. This is explaining why you can see so many promotions of the websites.

But it seems not to be enough to be a competitive in this fierce market because Chinese consumers are demanding to other kind of advantages. Here an article about the competition in e-commerce market: China’s E-commerce Battle Heats Up.

 We can give an example about a Chinese website knowing a certain success and especially because the website is combining really discounted items and limited edition products.

You can see below on the website with discount product and special edition product.


Is Chinese people only buy product with discount?

According to a survey analysis from China’s connected Consumers, 70% buy only discount products and the rest 30% are willing to buy at a full-non discounted price online.

Even if the majority of consumers buy at discount prices, there still have one third who buy at a non-discount price.

What does that means? Consumer’s behaviors and way of consumptions are on the way to change.

Price is a relevant decision factor but even quality and value of the product is another important criteria counting in the buying making decision process of Chinese consumers.

First, concerning luxury online market, a high price is meaning a high quality of product. If you have product at low price or with  discount and promotion, it means that product is in bad quality.  

Second, Chinese consumers are looking for the right deal between the balance of price and quality product. They are more and more demanding about products than years ago.

Third the uniqueness of the product and its origin could impact Chinese consumer’s way of purchasing.

To conclude, the majority of Chinese e-shoppers are only buying products at a discount price but they are more demanding because they want to see other advantages such as price, quality and originality.


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