China is changing. Since few years, we can see big changes in chinese mentality. Their lifestyle change and therefore their consumer habits too. Health is becoming an important point in chineses life.



One of the most important changing is the increase of the chinese middle class. Lot of people have more money and want to buy more quality things. Besides, they want to show to their friends their buying power.

An other things for the middle class, because they have more money, they moved to urban cities. We observe a wide scale urbanization.

With the increase of financial resources, you have more consumption and also health issues due to that. Obesity in China is becoming a real issue. The percent of overweight and obese children has skyrocketed from 5 to 20 percent.

With their new lifestyle and new buying power, middle class can buy more helthy foods & helthy products.



Nowaday, chinese consumers understand that buy more healthy foods & helthy products is very important for them. Heath standards are differents than before and chinese have become more health conscience.

They want better products for them and for their children.

Beside, they are more and more influenced by western habits, they want to have the same lifestyle.



Obviously the pollution is one of the most important criteria of the mentality change.

The air in China is becoming an health crise. Air pollution in China is responsible of 50 000 and 500 000 deads prematurely each year of chinese citizens. Chinese people try to reduce pollution by using electric cars and more eco-friendly machine. To protect them, they more and more wear mask but it’s not enough. They want to change their lifestyle for a more natural lifestyle.


In China, water is also contaminated with metals due to industrialization. Government has also take measures to improve water quality and try to reduce the water waste.




With the one child policy in China, the number of old people is increasing. There are more and more old people and less young people. Government help the old people to take care of their healthcare by encourage them to consume vitamins, health products and to choose a western medecine practices. Lot of this things are covered by insurance.


For all the reasons, the health & wellness market increase. It’s the moment for you to take your a slice of this pie.

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The health and wellness market is expected to increase of $8 billion a year until 2020.

Foreign companies are more and more privilegied by chinese consumers because they don’t trust local products. All the scandals make them very impopular. Besides, foreign products are considered better quality by chinese consumers.

When we talk about health and wellness it’s health products and also medication. So you have a lot of opportunities to do business in China.

Chinese consumers are looking for newer solutions to their health issues, other than traditional eastern medicine practices. Lot of people are becoming skeptical to traditional medecine and western medecine is reputated to be safe and clean.

The fitness market is also increasing with more and more consumption of vitamins and energy drinks.



The first step for you if you want to do business in China will be to be present on social media.

Chinese people are the most connected people in the word that’s why you have to use their apps.

Wechat and Weibo are the most famous and use apps. Create your brand account in this apps could be the begining of your chinese visibility

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