Chinese hot topic: “bottom” style moon cakes in Singapore


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Moon cake packed in cartons printed with a pattern Aug. 15 calendar. Malaysia, “Guangming Daily”


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The moon cake is a palm covered ass. Malaysia, “Guangming Daily”


September 19 is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Singapore businesses innovate every year in creating new mooncakes. They have introduced this year new flavors of moon cake, like four models of “bottom” style moon cakes.


In the Chinese lunar calendar, September 19th is August 15th. On this day, the moon has the roundest shape of the year. But we can also notice that in China the word “August 15″is pronounced “Bayue shiwu”, which is another name for this festival.


4 kinds of styles


Lifestyle brand “Goods of Desire”, first launched in Singapore and Hong Kong’s famous Cake Shop, and created the four models of buttoms shape moon cake, which became very famous.


These 4 kinds of mooncakes are stuffed with yellow white lotus seed paste, and a box of four of these cost now 52 yuan. These four models include a bunny wearing fishnet stockings ass named “a cone” (Bunny), a palm-covered ass named the “cover” (Cover-Up), wearing a thong ass named “single hanging” (T-back), and one with broken pants “hole card” (The Split).


Among Singapore consumers, most people believe that the shape of the moon cakes are too “exotic”.


Su Shun Qin (23 years old, student) said that the shape of the moon cake is too strange, he doesn’t want to try them. Miss Guo (35 years old, clerks) also believes that this type of moon cake won’t be accepted by the majority of people, “I feel shameful” she even said.


Gourmets think that it’s a commercial propaganda tactics, but it makes disapear the traditional cultural values.


Singaporean foodie Lin Yimin said that these moon cake do not respect the Chinese tradition. “Today, more and more young people do not know the origin of moon cake. If even the moon cake’s shape changes,  like these ​​ass shape ones, the spirit of traditional culture is completely disapearing.”


Lin Yimin also believes that these cakes should even not be called “moon cake”. Innovation in the mooncake business can let the sales grow with promotional ideas, but cannot promote the development of traditional culture. “I think they should innovate more in the fillings, in order to suit modern tastes better.”



Looking for new ideas to save the Chinese culture


Goods of Desire spokesman said that still wants to save Chinese culture, but in a new way. The spokesman pointed out that the idea comes from the founder and Chief Executive Officer Yang Zhichao. Moreover, this series of moon cake had been launched in Hong Kong a few years ago, and was welcomed by the people of Hong Kong. This year is the first year they launch these cakes in Singapore.


The spokesman explained that the purpose of the brand is to save of Chinese culture in the new and modern style: to make traditional moon cakes in interesting shapes, adding humor in order to celebrate more this festival.



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When the moon becomes a bottom, I eat it.


Cater to Singapore kinky people’s appetite, huh.


Innovation is nauseating


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