Chinese luxury Buyers become more sophisticated

New attitudes/trends

Chinese consumers of luxury products become more sophisticated, as they look for unique products and wish to benefit from professional services. It is an established fact that Chinese tourists are the pillars of the global luxury market, but the reasons for Chinese consumers of luxury goods traveling abroad are changing.

“Finding unique products not available in their home country and buy products on the place of origin marks are the main motivations for Chinese luxury consumers who purchase items abroad, not just for lower price, “said Shou Yuying, General Manager and Vice President of Ruder Finn China, a public relations firm.

Chinese consumers are becoming more aware of the different categories of luxury goods, she said, and they are also looking for luxurious shopping experiences abroad.

“These things all reflect the fact that the market matures”.

New step to face

According to observers, the Chinese luxury market has entered a stable phase of development two years ago.

About 92% of Chinese consumers said they were dissatisfied with the services offered by luxury brands in China, according to the forecast 2014 Luxury in China, which were published Monday by Ruder Finn and Ipsos Group, the third largest corporation studies of the world market. The report surveyed 1,800 consumers of luxury goods in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

According to Ms. Shou, the main complaints are the bad customer service and the lack of qualified staff in China. Employees of certain luxury brands working in China are less skilled than their European counterparts, a problem that is particularly visible for brands selling items such as watches, she said.


4 important points for the luxury market

–       The e-reputation

E-reputation is very important for luxury brands. Indeed, Chinese consumer like going to Internet to compare the different opinion from other customers. They can share their experience by giving bad or goods comments. If a brand has a bad reputation on Internet, the number of customer will decrease directly. You can use Key Opinion Leader or PR to increase your e-reputation.


–       Multimedia in the online shopper experience

If you have an e-commerce website, the multimedia is very important in your strategy. You have to make customers feel good and important. The products have to be visible by giving lots of characteristics and precisions to warn the customers.

–       Internet: way to sensitive consumers

More and more Chinese people are connected to Internet. They spend the majority of their day on their mobile or computer. You can do everything on internet today. That’s why, it is necessary for luxury brands to improve their visibility on the net in order to attract new customers and make them loyal.

–       Create a community

If you succeed in creating a community around your brand, you will be able to increase your awareness. Your community is a way to share your content easily. It represents a good advantage and allows to have lots of fans who will speak about you and your brand.


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