Chinese luxury tourists and their taste


A study was on Chinese luxury tourists by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the  China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) in association with the China Tourism Academy and HH, a brand of CTrip, one of the most famous Chinese websites for luxury traveling.

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They found out that most luxury tourists are men, and that they represent 70% of the outbound tourism.  They come usually from Beijing, Shanghai and East China region.

80% of them are aging from 30 to 50, and most of them are managers, freelancers of entrepreneurs. 39% of interviewees earn between 1 and 3 million Yuan per year, another 30% have an annual income from 0,5 to 1 million Yuan per year.


Travelling is their top interest, following is tea taste and music.


Travelling preferences

40% of the interviewees have travelled once or twice within one year, and 40% spent between 50 000 and 100 000 Yuan during their trip.

They prefer France, the No.1 reason is for shopping travels, and Hong Kong and Italy are next to it. And 54% of them want to go to Europe for their next trip.

Moreover, 63% of them prefer to travel with their lovers, only about 30% prefer to travel with friends, and 30% with their children.



66% prefer to book their trip online, which shows that it’s important for a company who works in luxury tourism to be online.

About the trip in itself, 41% travel in business class, and 51% prefer Air China among the Chinese airliners. For the foreign airlines, the favorites are Singapore Airline and Emirates.


As for the accomodation, 54% of them prefer international luxury brand hotel. And their top concern is the location 51% and brand 48%.


Travel Experience

The conditions required for a luxury trip are a personal customer service for 51% of the interviewees, and individual travelling for 48%.


When they go shopping abroad, the products most bought are watches, and then brand bags.




A traditional family system

First it is interesting to observe that the majority of Chinese luxury tourists are men, with high level jobs. It means that in China those who organize the trip are the men; which explains maybe why the luxury products they buy the most are watches. In fact at least in China there are more men buying luxury products than women. It’s then the men who organize the trip, take decisions, and probably manage the family’s money.


Individual travelling

The second interesting thing to notice is how Chinese luxury travelers have a tendency to prefer individual travelling. In fact, although we see often Chinese people travelling abroad in groups, the truth is that more and more luxury tourists prefer the individual trip: 48% of the interviewees think it’s the basic and best part for outbound luxury trips.

Brand and customer service

Customer service is a condition, but the brand of a hotel is also important for 48% luxury travelers. The same thing happened to airliners: the favorite international airliners are those with the best customer service, but also the most famous: Singapore Airline and Emirates. When you travel in luxury tourism it is then important to work on brand awareness and to have a good customer service.



The majority book their trips on internet, which means that it is very important for tour operators, hotels, and airliners to have a positive influence on the Chinese internet.

In fact Chinese are very “connected”: there are in China more than 591 million internet users, and they should be 600 million by the end of 2013, and more than 242 million of them buy online.  Chinese customers buy everything on internet, from groceries to Cars, luxury jewelry and trips.

It is then very important for a company working in the luxury tourism field to have an internet strategy with digital marketing. If you want to know the best online tools to attract Chinese tourists click here.

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