Chinese military number plates banned for luxury cars

Chinese military men has always loved luxury cars. But This great love story may yet come to an end. Indeed, the Chinese government decided to prohibit military number plates on luxury cars since May 1st of 2013. This prohibition includes many brands of luxury cars: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac, Volkswagen Phaeton, Bentley, Jaguar and some special references such as Land Rover, Porsche Cayenne or Audi Q7. The black list ends with the prohibition of owning a sedan with a price more than 450,000 Yuan that is to say 73 000 dollars, and some others cars engine.


The reasons of the ban

The Central Military Commission explains the ban explicitly. The presence of military number plates on luxury cars would be against the ethics of the army’s values. According to the the CMC, luxury cars carry a conspicuous picture while Chinese military are the windows of the glorious tradition of the army, its authenticity and its main moral. The ban can end this conflict of values preferring moral and modest image of soldiers contrary to their materialistic drift.

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This prohibition can it be sustainable?

This prohibition against military has already implemented more than 5 times in the last decade. With each attempt, the military plates resurfaced on luxury cars. Many think this new law will be also ephemeral and unsuccessful.

Jiergong Chen, a law professor at Sichuan University in Chengdu is one of these people. In his view, the ban is valid only for a short period in order to reduce the number of luxury cars with military plates. This law is more a temporary regulation that a real actual ban.

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The secondary economy between luxury cars and Chinese military number plates

It seems to exist a parallel business between luxury vehicles and Chinese military. Indeed, the cars belonging to the military with official number plates would then be leased to businessmen but for non-military purposes.

In fact, businessmen pay 800,000 Yuan to the concerned military man to own the military car and to get in exchange many advantages. For a businessman, have strong links with the army is very rewarding. These practices are very common especially in Beijing, but also in all major Chinese cities.

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