The millennials all over the world are the new consumer’s generation. They are very different of the other generations of consumers. If you want to sell your brand to millennials you need to adapt your approach. And in China, Chinese millennials are also very specific of the other millennials in the world.

This article is here to help you to understand this new big consumers segment that you can’t overlook.



The millennial generation also call Y generation include people born between 1980 and 1995. They are young adults really connected. You often heard another name of millennial generation: the digital native generation.

In China, they are a bit different because they were born during the one-child policy and the increase in wealth. Their parents spent a lot of money to ensure the best future for their only child.

They enjoyed a high life standard (better than their parents), they did long studies and traveled a lot. In addition, they have grown up with a less limited internet access.

This generation suffers from the « Little Emperors syndrome » it means that they are very sophisticated and complex.



Millennials are educated, independent and tech-savvy consumers. This population is, as their parents more and richer. They can spend a lot of money on the things they like. They are more open-minded than all the other Chinese generations. They are also really entrepreneurial.

Chinese millennials are powerful on the Chinese and foreign marketplaces. They upset the economic and communication models and drive innovation. They are connected, love sharing economy models, travels, international cultures… Lot of items you need to understand if you want to do business with millennial. This generation is YOUR current and future consumer doesn’t forget that you.




Chinese consumers more than the other people in the world are very connected. Millennial generation more than the others. They spend a lot of time surfing on their smartphones. A study of Deloitte shows us that they use the internet on their phone around 26 times each day and 10% of the millennial more than 100 times each day.

The boom of the e-commerce platforms is attributed to the millennial generation. Today, they don’t go a lot in the shopping centers, they don’t have time. For Christmas, they order all their gifts on e-commerce platforms. This Chinese generation doesn’t want to waste time. They want everything to be fast.

They upset the operating mode of the marketing. All your strategy could be changing. They change the way to consumer contents, to buy, to communicate.

You can forget all you believed to know. The Chinese millennial generation upset the consumption relationship. Today, all your consumer relationship has to be online.



I will show you here some examples but all sectors are touched by the changing.


  • Tourism

Chinese millennials generation is more informed and travels far away from China. They want to discover the world and different cultures. Before, Chinese people were reputed to love travelling in a group. But the chinese millennials generation hate travelling in a group. They prefer to travel with friends or in a couple. They want to be flexible and YOU have to adapt your tourism products, not the contrary. Besides, because they have more money, they want the best and luxury tourism is today very appreciated by the millennials consumers.



  • Food

What is better than spend a good time around a table in a restaurant with friends? Not for the Chinese millennials generation. This individualistic generation prefers order delivery food. They have no time for this and prefer to stay home. And you need to be fast otherwise, they will never order again your brand.



  • Luxury

As I said before, the millennials generation in China has more money. They love luxury products and especially foreign luxury products. But, before purchase something, they will spend a lot of time on the social media apps to be sure of their purchase. The different scandals in China affected the relationship between the consumers and the brands and Chinese consumers don’t trust brands. They prefer to have the advice of their communities or of their Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

You need to give them all the information you have and be very transparent.





You understood that do business with this generation is not the easy thing. But if you study the Chinese market and try to understand this generation it could bring you a quick awareness and it could be a key to success for the years to come.

Work on your brand image, be connected, use their social media platforms and that’s it!

In addition, Chinese millennials love foreign brands because for them they are the synonym of quality. It’s your competitive advantage!

It’s your time to improve your business in China and don’t be worried, you can find experts in the Chinese market to help you build the best millennials strategy to succeed in the Chinese market.

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