China recruits international footballers!

foot et chine

China is the new paradise for footballers getting closer to the end of their career. We have noticed many transferts last winter. Indeed, local clubs in China have spent an enormous amount of money in order to recruit new Western footballers during mercato. China has spent a lot of money on international footballers and Chinese clubs, the total amount being 331 million euros, in order to prenetrate the football market.  

This represents a new opportunity for Alex Teixeira, who got the biggest transfert record. The football star was recruited by Jiangsu Suning. Guangzhou Evergrande bought Jackson Martinez from Atletico Madrid and offered him 42 million euros.

There were 163 new transferts during winter including Ezequiel Lavezzi and Gervinho who are very popular back in Europe.

Why is China getting so interested about football?

Actually, it is a government decision. China wants to become a new football nation in order to dominate others countries leading this area at the moment.

The Chinese government wants to win the World Cup and become a football leader, football being the most popular sport in the world.

Therefore, this new passion involves many investments from companies and creates a brand-new economy around it.

This represents huge opportunities for footballers who got offered unbelievable wages.

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