Chinese policemen in Paris will protect Chinese travellers !

The French Ministry of Interior’s measures to protect Chinese tourists from mugging and pickpockets

French police will soon receive reinforcements from China to help patrol Paris during the summer tourist peak.

The foreign officers will be dispatched all over the city to prevent Chinese visitors from falling prey to pickpockets and muggers. It is undoubtedly a very important measure to keep welcoming the million Chinese coming to visit France every year. An action coming from the French Interior Ministry suggested that Chinese and French police officers could patrol together in Paris tourist spots. This measure would be part of a city-wide operation to protect the tourists visiting the French capital

According to the Police, Chinese tourists often travel with large amount of cash, making them ideal targets for mugging and pick pocketing. Indeed, tourists from the Middle Empire tend to spend an average €1300, mostly in designer goods.

More and more muggings and robberies towards Chinese tourists


This comes as a response to the increasingly frequent attacks on tourists from China. Last spring, a group of 23 Chinese visitors became the target of a theft in a restaurant shortly after arriving in Paris. They were on a tour of Europe but stopped at Le Bourget in one of Paris’s northern suburbs when they had €7500 cash, plane tickets and passports stolen from them. The group leader was hurt during the attack as well. In the aftermath of this event, Sylvia Pinel, the tourism minister, declared the government would do everything in its power to ensure tourists security in the country.

One tourism agency in Paris, described this incident as common.

Chinese tourists are often believed to be big spenders with important amount of cash on them. According to him, in Le Parisien, Paris now requires as much attention as Rome once did.  He added that they are made aware of these attacks on Chinese travelers more and more frequently. In the city centre, police officers have problems dealing with organized bands of thieves and pickpockets, mainly composed of children from the Balkans and eastern Europe. They relentlessly ask tourists for charity donations or use fake “petitions”

Jean-François Zhou, director general of Ansel Travel, specializing in organizing visits for Chinese tourists, hails the initiative. The French police have a reputation in China for being lax. Having Chinese police in their midst will not only have a dissuasive effect but also help in dealing with the tourists, and give them some sense of security” Zhou told Le Figaro.

Chinese visitors are expected to come in an even larger number this year because of the events held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between France and China.


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