Chinese tourists are famous for taking cash when travelling abroad. After seeing thefts and robberies one after another on the most important contributors for French tourism, French governmentdecided to invite Chinese policemen patrolling in Paris, helping the tourists heading to Paris and in terms of translation and emergency help.

Although it’s just a decision not made yet, it has aroused a hot discussion online and it turns out to be a buzz in outbound tourism.

In fact, most Chinese tourists heading for oversea destinations make decisions based on the information they get online. Before starting they leave, they have quite a lot homework to do including, what to buy? What to take?

The information online, especially from the search engine and social media, has great influence among the readers. Chinese tourists are very willing to trust and share the information they find with their circle.

That’s why the news that Chinese policemen patrolling in Paris has caused a big sensation. However, due to the lack of comment management, people’s attention is shifted to domestic social security instead of keeping focusing on the trip to France.

introduce chengguanSource:Newsdriver