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SEO (search Engine Optimization) in China is different from all the others, because its SEO work is for better rank on Baidu, the leader of the market.

Our company offers complete service package of website optimization, as well as a digital Marketing agency specialized in Chinese Market.

SEO in ChinaAs a company focusing on online marketing,  we offer you effective search engine marketing strategy and excecution.


Problems with SEO in China

Although Chinese Market offers great opportunities, many people just get lost in it and can’t take good use of it because of

  • online marketing is always changing
  • Communication : the language barriers
  • Cultural gap, different way of thinking and writing
  • Chinese competitors already do SEO for many years.
  • Specific legal system, who brings strong censorship
  • You do not really know Baidu Specification
  • Manual intervene

SEO on Baidu is a technical and detailed work, but we offer what it takes to succeed. More information in our services description or our agency website.

seo digital marketing agency china


Solutions: our methodology

1/ Analyze the pros and cons of the SEO strategy for your case

2/ Identify the good keywords

3/ Establish a SEO Strategy

5/ Work on the content and the update

6 / Build links

7/ Internal Linking

8/ Feed back and reporting

SEO China

For Baidu 4 factors affect the result


The Structure

Every project starts from a checking of the structure and the design of the website. And each website needs to respect the rule established by Baidu, if they want to have a good rank.


Original fresh content, and content useful for readers is important to get good ranking on Baidu. To get a great content it takes planning.


Baidu gives a strong bonus to the website who are able to offer fresh content constantly. In every  SEO Strategy on Baidu, there’s a requirement for update.


Our Internet marketing optimization services includes the integration of backlinks, internal and external. And backlinks strategy is vital for the success of your traffic-generation, and are important to the success of the SEO of your site.


Full Package services for China

As an online marketing company,  we aim to bring you considerable traffic to your website which can be converted to leads and then sales, and also impression among the people in the field, thus increase your brand awareness.
To achieve that goal, we also offer other services like :


services china agency web – SEM (Baidu Pay per click)

Baidu advertising campaign start from keywords selection, registration, monitoring and reporting

– KOL campaign

Key opinion leader Campaign on Weibo

– Community Management

Identification, integration and management of online community

– Online PR

Online Public Relation, start from the Strategy to the execution

– Viral Marketing

Create Buzz on Chinese Internet , on social media, forums and news.

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Philip and me (Olivier) are partners.

Olivier VEROT   Philip


I will be in Charge of the strategy, and project management, Philip will realize the mission with our collaborators.

We are based in Shanghai, you are welcome if you want to meet us.

We already get top results, you can ask us and we will send you our case studies.


For any inquiry about SEO or other services , please do not hesitate to ask a quote.

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Olivier VEROT

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