College Entrance Exam is the most important event for Chinese students. Before the exam, they are the most hard working student in the world. After that, they can be the most crazy tourists. Usually parents will offer their children considerable sums of money for them to spend to relax and enjoy. And many of them choose to travel.

Student new wawe of Chinese tourists

Students who take the College Entrance Exam this year can enjoy a 50% discount in Huangshan Park this year. In fact, not only Huangshan, but also a lot of other tourism destinations have taken actions to attract those students.

June 7,8,9 are the most important days for most China tourists because the College Entrance Exam during these three days will greatly influence the future of them or their children. But after that, the generous Chinese parents will allow their children to spend a lot of money to relax.


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Summer Tourist Boom from China

Exam is like nightmare for most Chinese student, it means pressure, studying late in night. On the other side, most families will organize some activities for their  children, such as travel after the exam to relax. They are so crazy about this that according to CITS(China International Travel Service), some families start to apply in May.

1. What destinations do Chinese tourist like?

The classical dometic long-distance travel is still popular while outbound travelling route becomes much popular than before. Especially destinations such as Europe and Australia. France, Italy, Sweden are the most popular countries in Europe this year.

2. What kind of travel do they like?

a.water travel: such as driting and aquatic sports
b.natural leisure tour: for example, in Dongguan, Guangdong, many students choose African national park so that some tourism agnecies create new offer for those families with students who take the college entrance exam.
c.ancient water-bound towns tour: Tongli, a typical ancient-bound town, provide a special offer for these families during the vacation following the exam.
d.amusement park tour: around at 1,000 rooms in Hongkong Disneyland hotel are booked by those families one month before the exam this year.
e.famous university tour: as one of the best universities in China, Beijing university receives 16,000 student tourists everyday during the vacation after the exam.


.3. How do these students (tourists) spend?

According to the survey from China Consumer Association, after the college entrance exam, student spend money more generously than the others, especially in travel, restaurant, KTV and digital products. For example, half the high end travel customers are those students and usually they care much less about the price.

students in ktv

students in ktv

After 12-year intensive study, most Chinese students have very strong desire to relieve themselves. And Chinese parents are also famous for their generosity in supporting their children financially. As a result, they creat a boom in toursim from June to September every year.

However, they are quite different from normal tourists. They have quite different consumption habits, they have different destinations.

This new wave is already a good target for private Language School in England, US, and Australia!



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