China: the new law that will change the Shopping for tourists


Chinese tourism in the world is booming these days.  More than 83 million Chinese people travelled in 2012, and they are expected to be 200 million by 2020. Moreover  Chinese are the king of Shopping, they are the biggest spenders, surpassing the Americans and the Germans, spending 102 billion dollars last year.

Chinese people favorite destinations, according to Tripadvisor, are first Hong Kong and Macao, then Phuket in Thailand, Taiwan, Bangkok and Paris. South Korea is becoming also very popular for Chinese tourists.

Source : Reuters


But on the 1rst October will arrive a new law in China: Chinese travel agencies are not allowed anymore to sell trips at low-cost prices, and to force people to do shopping in some places, in order to take commissions on sales. Forcing tourists to go shopping will become illegal.

In fact, if some tourists were happy to buy souvenirs, most of Chinese people complained that they didn’t have enough time for sightseeing, and too much for shopping.

Some countries expect then the number of Chinese tourists to decrease for some time because of the higher costs of trips, but think that then it’s a good thing in a long term perspective.


 1. Taiwan

For example Taiwan Tourism Bureau said that even if there will be a reduction of Chinese tourists first, because, of the price, then the law will increase the quality of tourism.

In fact, the cost for a Chinese tourists group will rise from around 3000 Yuan (490 $) to 7000.

The Bureau said also that they would continue to make effort to attract independent travelers, who won’t be affected by the law. The number of Chinese tourists in Taiwan is still expected to grow in the next years. Almost 1, 4 million Chinese tourists came to Taiwan in the last six months.

Source: Focus Taiwan


2. South Korea

In South Korea there is the same feeling. The Korea Tourism Organization said that they expect the number of Chinese tourists to decrease in a first time, but then to grow again on a long term perspective. In fact they expect 150 000 Chinese tourists only during the Chinese National Holliday, which is October 1srt to 7th this year, which is 60% more than last year.

Even if the law will affect small size shops, the Lotte Department Store will not be affected, because they said they didn’t have agreements with Chinese Travel agencies, according to Jung Seon-hwa, a Lotte Department store spokesperson.

south korea

3. Thailand

In Thailand, China is the biggest tourism market. And the Thai media said that the cost of trips would rise by 100%. But Sansern, the Deputy Secretary of Thai Tourism, is not worried. He think it is an opportunity for Thai companies to return to industrial regulations, and that they will adapt anyway to the new law. They still hope to have some more details on the law later to adapt better to the new situation.

Even if during National Holliday they expect a decrease of 40% in the number of Chinese tourists year-to-year, Thailand still expect 4 million Chinese tourists this year. With this number, China remains the first tourism Market of Thailand.






In general people think that this law is an opportunity to have better quality tourism in every country. And it won’t stop the Chinese people from travelling. There are still expected to be 200 million Chinese tourists in the world by 2020.

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What is about the others countries ?


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