Spain Spread her arms for Chinese tourists

Money, money, money

Statistics from the Textile Trade in Figures 2012’, a report by Acotex, the Spanish Business Association of Textile Trade, showed that Chinese tourists in Spain spend most their money on Spanish fashion clothes.

Money, money, money

It is said in the report that in 2012, a Chinese tourist spends €834.12 in average, followed by Japanese with €623.41.


Then, Americans, Mexicans and Russians respectively spend an average of €506.85, €504.98 and €430.81.


Chinese tourists are to spend more money on fashion clothes whereas in term of its percentage in total spending, Russians top the list.
Precisely this year, this ratio was about 21% for Russians against 16% for Chinese, and forJapan, Brazil and Mexico, the numbers are respectively 5.83 %, 4 % and 3.93 %.


Which cities benefit most?


Last year, the main cities were Barcelona which concentrates 44% of the money spent by tourists on clothes, followed by Madrid (31%) and Malaga (8%).


A market in expansion


In 10 to 15 years, China will become the main source of tourists around the world, with 100 million outbound tourists by 2020.
Spain wants to take of advantage of this trend and decided to ease the formalities to get a visa from the Chinese government.

Moreover, whereas France has 63 direct flights per month to China, Spain only has 5.


A French-like strategy


Spain’s strategy really looks like the it’s neibhour’s, the French one. Spain planned to provide tourist guides in Chinese, to propose food which suits tastes of Chinese people, to close shops and restaurants later in night….

Unfortunately, Spain does not have a history links to luxury or perfumes which currently make France the first destination worldwide.


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