Increasing Outbound Tourists from Second-tier Cities in China



Tian Jin


The second-tier cities have become the resource for Chinese outbound tourists. In a typical second-tier city, Tian Jin, the number of outbound tourists have increased by 30.8% and 95% of them are for tour.

According to the data from local agencies, the number of Tian Jin tourists has been increasing at 15% to 20% annually. The data from the biggest online tour service dealer in China, Tu Niu also shows that the tour to Euro-America and SE Asia have seen increase of 120% and 80% respectively.

The depreciating of Euro against Chinese Yuan does help boost the increase.

The increasing income of citizens in Tian Jin also allows them to spend more money on deep tour.

The trip to Europe like 10-day honeymoon trip in Greece, 10-day long art trip in Italy, 10 days trip to Czech and Austria and 10 days trip to France, Italy and Switzerland are quite popular.

As shown in a report from local agency, outbound tour was like luxury for most families, but it has been affordable by more and more families in Tian Jin.