At this time and as a result of the economy’s changes, the Chinese tourist are modifying their habits.

The seeking of different tourism destinations are one of their new habits.

There are emerging trends in the travellers’s mind from China and as a consequence chinese tourists have new desires and expectations in their leisure travellers.

In the first nine months of 2013, Despite an ongoing corruption crackdown,  the number of overseas travels from China grew by around 18 percent. Chinese travelers spend much more money on their travels than any other tourists. Chinese tourists have spent over than US$102 billion in 2012.


The China’s broad Tourism Law which was launched on October 1, 2013, has been the start of several changes in tourism operations, as shifts in traffic and in the travel preferences or shopping habits.

Going alone.

Due to the new Chinese Tourism Law, the prices of group trips have increase meanwhile the price of individual travel has been reduced in a drastical way. As a result of this enormous difference, there will be a largest amount of individual tourism which also causes a less number of bus tours. That new kind of Chinese tourist will travel alone or with family and friends.

Making the connection via social media network.

WeChat is a new social network with more than 600 million users in China. It is a very convenient and powerful mobile communication tool which allows brands create ties with their costumers and have a largest presence in their lives.

wechat digital marketing china


It is a mandatory social media application for brands which are looking for connect with Chinese travelers. Consumers are using WeChat to interact with brands and write about their experiences with them.

Looking for new travel destinations.

Spain, Prague, Greece, Portugal, Brazil and China are the new trendy tourism destinations. The new and more sophisticated tourists are seeking new destinations to spend their holidays. Under a relentless pressure from Chinese consumers, travel agencies strive to find new and interesting destinations in order to please their requirements.

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Raising the bar.

The travelers mind is changing and so do their preferences and sophistications. It is crucial to design new ways in order to attract and engage Chinese tourists. Most of the destinations and luxury brands have focused in Chinese travelers are due to their increase knowledge about travels

chinese high spending tourist

Considering different products.

At this time Chinese costumers are open-minded in their products selections. They desire to be more individualist and as a consequence they are looking for different and less-known brands, instead of the regular luxury products.


China is the new global economy power and with its economic growth model, this will only keep going. All the tourism industry can do is adapting to the new Chinese tourists behaviour. That is the reason why in the next five year, China could have around 200 million tourists traveling abroad, according to President Xi Jinping.

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