At this moment, China is one of largest world’s markets of inbound and outbound tourism.

According to a new research, Chinese spend an average over $1,000 per day when they are traveling, excluding accommodation costs.

Tourism market in China has expanded over the last few years due to the emergence of a newly rich middle class and an easing of restrictions related to travels by the Chinese authorities.

According to Tourism Administration of China, 26.4 million of Chinese tourists traveled in the first three months of 2014, that means a growth of 17 percent compared to the same period in 2013. The new trend emerging of the Chinese to travel abroad will have as result a growth up to 200 million Chinese travelers in 2020.

Due to the increasing middle class and the rising disposable incomes, the Chinese travelers are the main source of tourism cash over the world.


Nowadays, life in China is all about purchasing goods, specifically luxury foreign brands, through which Chinese are able to show their economic status to others. For this purpose, Chinese tourists see traveling as an opportunity to buy high-end luxury brands like Gucci, Dior, Prada or Louis Vuitton as many others.

According to a new research which surveyed 6000 people, including Chinese tourists and hoteliers, exposes that around 36 percent of Chinese travelers spent between $81-324 per day 28 percent spent between $324-810 a day, and 15 percent spent $1,619 per day whilst 2 percent spent $8,095 a day. The data shows that there is an extremely rich group of Chinese who are increasing the spending’s average.

As reported by United Nations, in 2012 Chinese travelers have spent $27 billion while in 2013 the total spending has growth up to $129 billion. Unlike other global tourists, the main activity for Chinese travels is go shopping. The most popular destinations are Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Washington DC and Los Angeles.

When Chinese population travels, they spend a lot of time purchasing luxury items. The reasons are that the price is up to 40 percent cheaper outside China, the guarantee of authenticity of the goods, there are more variety and also the act of buy these goods from the brands’ country of origin confers a cache.


Gambling is another holidays pastime for Chinese travelers, resulting in an increasing of 80 percent the number of Chinese who travel to gambling cities such as Las Vegas.

China – US visa deal

Countries are fighting to attract the biggest number of Chinese tourists and facilitate the visa process is an efficient way to catch them. As example, United States and China have come to an agreement in order to extend the validity of tourist visa from one year to ten years.

During the last year, the Asia-Pacific region was the most popular destination for Chinese tourist. Around 74% of tourists who traveled to Asia-Pacific were Chinese, while in North America, Chinese tourists represented 54 percent and in Europa 43 percent of tourism consumers were Chinese.


To understand Chinese consumers there are two basic points. One is the fact that Chinese population is a big spender and the other one is that they have an enormous desire to purchase luxury brands. This two points increase when they travel abroad and brands have to take advantage of this situation.

For brands, Chinese tourists are a big chance to increase their sales, however for reaching them it is important to adapt the marketing strategies and our agency can help you. If you are interested to reach to Chinese population, don’t hesitate to contact us.