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Contact, collaborate and partnership

How do we help you to find travel agents in China?


Prepare an introduction in Chinese


Chinese market

Understand your competition in China


Prepare your business collaboration conditions

Realization of the video

We take care of the filming and editing of your video, from A to Z.

Contact Chinese travel Agent

We help you find Chinese tour operators so that you can sell your tour or package. To do this, we help you to contact them thanks to our experienced team in the field.

  • Contact 100-200 Chinese travel Agents
  • Contact 20 Chinese TO (tour operator)
  • Contact 50 travel Agencies
  • Organize Meetings

However, it is necessary to promote your tour through various means to increase your chance of finding a Chinese partner.


Increasing your visibility and traffic is our priority. We offer you different SEO and SEA services:

  • Consulting your Site. A preliminary audit is carried out in order to optimize your site in a global way with a view to a good referencing on Baidu. In particular, mobile navigation is improved.
  • Optimization of your Articles. Different techniques are used to update your content for better SEO.
  • Generating Backlinks. A careful selection of quality backlinks is made to optimize your SEO.
  • Management of E-Reputation. Word-of-mouth and user reviews are a crucial point of a good online reputation. We can manage this on sites and forums related to your industry.
  • SEA / PPC (Pay Per Click). Our PPC campaigns include a complete strategy including buying advertising, selecting the best keywords, and tracking those keywords so that you are always as visible as possible.

A long-term global strategy will enable you to obtain a long-lasting online reputation and increased visibility thanks to the effective referencing techniques that we will put in place. Regular monitoring is provided to measure the results of our SEO / SEA campaigns.

Public relations

Depending on the market segments you are targeting, different types of media can be used. Specialist Press Relations are very important because readers are already filtered and they bring together Chinese influencers – Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs – who have an important role in China. Our Press Relations campaigns are based on different elements.

A wide network. We have journalists specializing in tourism in our contacts.

Regular monitoring. We send you a detailed report on the PR campaign every month.

Qualitative content. We do not just create content, but we efficiently and intelligently generate the right content for your audience.

A team of experts. Our communication with customers via online media is effective thanks to our Chinese team specialized in the online press.

It is therefore necessary to create and maintain good relations with Chinese journalists. These are the people who directly showcase your destination. They are the ones who will showcase your tourist offerings through various actions, such as putting the front page of an article about your brand.

Realization of the video

Whatever your project, we know the methods needed to make the video that will match your Chinese audience. From the simple idea to the development of Story Telling, our agency has the creativity necessary to the success of your project.

Marketing to China it's also an Agency

We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Frequently Asked Question about Travel agents in China

Should I use social network?

Yes, there is no better way than to promote your destination through social networks. The Chinese prefer to learn about social networks rather than through traditional media. You can also use KOLs specialized in tourism to make your destination known. The Chinese have more confidence in their opinions than traditional media because their opinions are sincere.

Can I use the same social networks as in Europe?

There is very little chance that it will work. With Western Social Networks being censored in China, all your Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter will probably be useless.

How can a video help promote my destination?

A video is easier to read and mainly targets young Chinese. A video can more easily become viral than an article. With quality video, your destination will more easily gain fame and attract travel agencies to include your destination in their offers.

How do I know if my results are encouraging?

We provide an analysis of your results every month. We can then decide together which direction your campaign will take to acquire the maximum lead.