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As Baidu SEO experts, we offer you today to read an  article about how to maximize your optimization on the Chinese web.

Baidu is the leader of the search engines in China. This is the one most used by users . All companies wishing to enter the Chinese web should know all the details about this internet giant before starting any process.

In 2013 , Baidu has 65 % market shares of the Chinese search engines. The two other main players are 360 ( 22%) and Sogou (11 %).

It is possible to compare Baidu Google but beware, you must know that optimization techniques are not all the same. In fact, everyone knows that censorship is very present in China and the content information is tightly controlled by the Chinese authorities. Baidu likes the very qualitative content which follows the rules imposed by Baidu. The ” backlinks ” are also very important for Baidu.



Plagiarism should be prohibited

If you use the plagiarism, you will be heavily penalized according to Baidu”The content must be unique”. Beware that other sites do not use your content. In this case, do not hesitate to send as soon as possible a deletion request.  It must have meta tags written in Traditional Chinese and Western characters avoid .

But Baidu does not really punish the website that copy!


A qualitative content

In the Chinese language , a word can have several meanings . So make sure the performance of selected words. Baidu unfortunately can misinterpret some characters. The solution is to try to work with a Chinese translator to be 100 % sure of your content.

A quantitative content

The concept of ranking is very important when you are creating your site. To arrive first in the search results, I suggest you to write long articles sometimes . Each web page should content at least 300 words to be well-ranked by Baidu.

Title Tags

The characters’ limit is different between Google and Baidu. It is 35 characters for the title. During the construction of the title tag , use keywords that will represent well the content of the page and follow with your brand name .

meta Description

Baidu still uses today meta descriptions as a grading factor on the internet. Each meta description has one or two sentences , key words , and takes the name of your brand.

Keywords tag

For each page, you must include between 3 and 5 keywords on Baidu, which is one of the last to use as a criterion for classification .

The picture attribute akt

The algorithm of Baidu is still very poor. However, it is very important to optimize the pictures on the Chinese web. We must ensure their presence for each of your pictures.

Tags h1 h2 h3 h4 titles h5 h6

Must only ensure that each page has a h1 tag which will appear before any other title tag . They must follow a hierarchy.


Baidu is  fan of blogs. It is a useful tool for your SEO. It will prove internal links but the site is rich in content and offers a lot of information to its readers. An update is ideal.


If you make a content in Chinese, a Chinese domain name (. Cn) and host in China is mandatory. This will help your SEO strategy. If the government wants to control information, it is better that we can contact the host quickly. This seems logical, but it is better to repeat, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, you must avoid going against the censorship imposed by the Chinese government


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