Communication agency specialized "China"

Gentleman Marketing Agency is specialized in “Web-marketing” China. Internet is now dominating the life of Chinese people and influencing their buying behavior.

How do we help you with communication in China?

Choice of channels

Communication in China goes through different channels.


Complete strategy

For rapid and effective development, social networks are sometimes not enough. We have many contacts to help you.

Our expertise

We have worked with many companies. Whatever your industry, we know all the techniques to carry out your campaign well.



Every month, we provide you with an analysis of your company’s results in order to make your strategy as efficient as possible.

Communication on social networks

Social Networks are the perfect place to share interesting and viral content about your Brand and its products. We support your content strategy and define your strategic positioning together.

We are establishing an active watch to maintain your digital reputation. Responding to consumers on forums, comments, question and answer sites etc. And protect yourself from negative campaigns against you by competitors.

KOL and influencers

We can put you in touch with KOL, Chinese influencers followed by hundreds, thousands to see millions of people so they can promote your products. KOLs are very present and influential on Social Networks and the use of one of them is one of the most effective communication strategies.

PPC on Baidu

The PPC is commonly the “ads” that you find in the page header or on the right. You are free to choose the content of the advertisement and your audience.

Less complicated to set up and requiring less investment, this method will however cost you a fixed amount when publishing the ad each time a user clicks on it.

SEO on Baidu

Your website must have certain technical attributes in order to be put forward by Baidu. One can evoke the title tags, the meta descriptions or even the meta keywords. Repetition of keywords is also preferred, as is a very home page, for example.

Marketing to China it's also an Agency

We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Frequently Asked Question about communication in China

Why not use Google?

We are a Communication Agency in China, and we advise what worked only. Google only accounts for 2% of the search engine market in China. If you wish to be established in the Middle Kingdom is on Baidu that you must be present. Without a good SEO strategy on this search engine, you are simply invisible to the Chinese.

Are social networks a compulsory stage?

Branding in China includes social networks. They are so crucial in the Middle Kingdom for an unknown brand. This tool will increase visibility.

WeChat or Weibo?

It all depends on your project. We must also know (and above all) that one does not prevent the other. A brand present on both networks will be seen as more serious in the eyes of the Chinese! We must see the two networks as complementary, they are clearly not inseparable.

What is the efficient and high ROI online marketing solution service in your package?

You can find all the efficient and high ROI online marketing solution service in our package:


We are glad to customize all the services mentioned above to your special need.

Gentlemen is a Cost efficient Communication Agency in China ( Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen)