Community management agency in China

Gentleman Marketing Agency offers you Community Management services
on Chinese social networks.

How can we help you with community management in China?

Choice of channels

It is important to choose the right channel to build your community


Creating quality content

We create the right content for your project


Communication with customers

Through online media, we communicate with your customers through our Chinese team.


Detailed report

We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results.

Manage your community

It is essential to keep in touch with your community by answering questions about your publications, to the various comments … To thank customers who publish positive comments about your products and to help those who are dissatisfied with them is very important, customer loyalty and a reactive brand image with the Chinese

Animation and Content Creation

This step will create your community. A successful and regular animation of your WeChat account will make it possible to increase loyalty and to engage more users. This includes quality content that our Chinese team can create and disseminate for you.

Viral marketing. On request, we can also offer you creative services and media broadcasts (photos, videos …), in order to relay them virally on Chinese social networks.


Gentleman Marketing Agency offers you Community Management services on Chinese social networks.

A well-managed Weibo account can lead target people like it and then like the brand.

It’s like glue that can stick your brand in your customers’ mind in a sweet way.

On the other hand, online community management in China is really different from all the others which requires community managers a deep insight and a strong sense in the culture, trend and Chinese netizens behavior.

Collaboration with influencers

Also known as Key Opinion Leaders – KOLs – influencers share their lifestyles and feelings about products, events, places … A close collaboration with the latter allows to reach a wider audience, thanks to the confidence that the users give to their favorite KOLs..

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Frequently Asked Question about community mangement in China

Why should I do community management in China?

  • 650 million of Chinese Internet users. According to some estimation within 2 years, China will have 963 million of Internet users.
  • Chinese from 18 to 27 years old spend around 5 hours per day online.
  • China has 963 million of social network users, with an increase of 58 millions in 2012.
  • Chinese has spent on average 422 million of minutes on social networks for the 3rd quarter
  • Internet users in China would have spent 780 million hours on Weibo.  According to the last official figures, Sina Weibo would have around 400 million of users. 70% of Weibo users would have under 30 years old, 40% would have under 22 years old.
  • WeChat (Weixin) has 963 million of users in the world.

What is the procedure of community management service?

  • We will train or assign a community manager
  • Select platforms
  • Content publish strategy
  • Find and bring target customers into the community
  • Build good image for brand via content and communication with the community
  • Get feedbacks from community
  • Handle the reputation crisis

The essence of community management is its cost-efficient improvement and promotion of the brand image and brand awareness, not sales. If you would like to boost sales only, choose other solutions such as SEM and buzz.