Conference on 18th February about sports marketing

Topic: How to use sports champions image to promote your sports brand?
Special Guest: Isabelle Patissier, Twice World Champion of climbing and World Champion of Rally Raid.

Free entrance for the 5 First Participants including one drink! Quickly make your reservation here: [email protected]

Even if you are not in the 5 first participants, the price is just 50 RMB/person including one drink.

Conference for professional ONLY

Passion for sport: Who is Isabelle Patissier?

Sport is more than just doing some exercises, it is a passion bringing you adrenaline, motivation, hard training and rage to reach success.
Isabelle Patissier is representing the sports passion in herself: climbing for 10 years and being world champion two times, passion for automobile sport and being World Champion of Rally Raid. her weibo
“Consistent methodology, hardworking and self-abnegation are leading you to the absolute graal,” said Isabelle Patissier.

Isabelle Patissier2

Sports and marketing?

Sports and Business have the same values: success, consistent working and patience!
This conference is an opportunity to discuss opportunities offering by sports in business.
Many brands are using sports champions to promote their brand. But how do a brand process? What is the main strategy? What are the advantages and benefits? You will find all the responses during this conference.
If you are passionate about sports and about marketing, this conference is for you!
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