What is Content Marketing ?

The Content marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating and delivering relevant, valuable and consistent content in order to attract and retain a clearly defined audiance and in the final goal, to generate profitable customers actions.


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The point of marketing is to communicate about the company, the brand, the product, events and more. The goal of the content is to communicate on non-advertising channels with a non-commercial message. It can be produce by a company and take many forms like videos, flyers, brochues, ads and so on.

So there is a touchable difference between content maketing and advertising.

Advertising is all about designing and adapting a strategy in order to sell a product or a service.

The content marketing exist to educate, entertain or give for free information to the audience without the goal of selling something. The major point of this is to create a community by giving them interesting information and the audience, if they engage themselves, give their trust that will create a vertuous circle which will be profitable on medium to long termes.



China & Content Marketing

The Content Marketing in China is not as special as eveywhere else. There is a difference of audience and behaviors, of platforms and sites but the process for content marketing is the same in Europe or in the United States.

Like in others countries, it is all about creating value, target a specific audiance, distributing it in order to touch, sensitize, attract and finally retain the specified target.

Wechat push Brands to create Good content !


wechat and its features

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What is happening in China ? 

More and more companies in different countries are re-thinking of there strategy. The time of masses advertising seems to be over nowadays.

Especially in China, companies are changing their mind by reducing the budget for advertising and transfering it to new acquisition channels. More than 65% of companies in China are increasing the use of and investment in Wechat. 85% of them have 2 or even more social media accounts in order to communicate directly with their customers. More and more companies are using different marketing tools like Websites, blogs, Weibo and more to be in touch with their audience.

But this big changes need to re-adapt their model and define a new ROI system (Return On Investment). This changes varied between one domain to an other so benchmark need to be done for measuring the next impact of advertising & communicating. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are « Product sales », « Media Attention », « Website Traffic » and « Customer Loyalty », however with the new process two more KPI need to be add in order to measure the effectiveness of communicating via the issuance of a news release :

  • The breadth of media coverage
  • The quality of that media

So companies are defining higher expectations in terms of the effectiveness and conversion rate of content marketing in China.


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