Stronger Control on Rumors Spread on Weibo


On May 22, another powerful account “烟花妹妹”(fireworks sister) with more than 300,000 fans was invalidated for 15 days.

The reason to punish this account is it spread rumors.


In the first half year of 2012, the spread of rumors on weibo reached its peak.

On Janurary 12, “高悦儿” who pretends to be civil servant in Office of Jilin in Beijing show off her shoes and other belongings on weibo. It caused great reaction from other users.

On Janurary 18, “朵太lynn” put a post on her weibo that her civil-servant husband gave her vouchers cost thousands of RMB, civil servant job is so nice! No doubt that other weibo users kept spitting on her post until she delete this post.

On April 29, a girl claimed to be an officer from China  second artillery force posted on weibo “我在酒驾”(I’m drunk driving). This caused an avalanche of criticism on her and also on the army

Other rumors like Shandong Goverment official purchased Porsche as their “Anti-corruption Investigation car”;

“Beijing construction Committee announced adjustment of realty restriction measure”;



Government news agencies, weibsite such as Xinhua and Renmin published the same article. In this article, the rumors on weibo is compared as shit in toilet.

In Guangdong, Gao was run in for spreading rumor about earthquake in Tibet;

In Gansu, Zheng was held in custody for spreading rumor about fire in his town;

In Beijing, six people were taken in custody for spreading rumor about military vehicles flooding into Beijing;

In Nanjing, Zhou was put in custody for making up fire on high-speed train.

… …


With stronger control from government on Weibo, Sina will also put more effort on content censorship. Sina already take actions to control the spread of rumor on weibo:

  • more content censorship
  • more difficult to get certified on Weibo
  • creating a new weibo account “微博管理员”(weibo manager, as shown below) on April 16 to control the fake information

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