After the cloth masks and “sleeping masks”, here comes a new cosmetics skincare products from Asia : masks – lotion !

 tissue mask

The purchase of Magic Holdings by L’Oreal could have given us the hint: it skincare segment is booming in Asia!

There, the mask is the last step in the skincare care routine :

First it is a time to relax, to take care of yourself , then it is also a time of intense / regeneration skin care :

The mask stays on the skin 10-15 minutes or overnight on the skin,  as advocated by the “sleeping masks” guidelines.

In short, Asians are keen on masks, and rightly so!

For several years now , they use cloth masks , already soaked with the necessary skincare ingredients. Once pulled out of his bag the customer would need to unfold it on his face. These masks generally contain about 20 ml of formula ( a concentrated of intensive care ).

 The cloth masks of the Japanese brand SKII represent the forefront of this type of care. They have to be worth the 65 euros they cost for only 6 of them. Then there was the trend of “sleeping masks” , available in France with the brand Erborian

The principle , as its name suggests, is to leave on the mask all night while you sleep . Why ? Because it’s at night that the skin regenerates best , so it must capitalize on this moment to amplify the regeneration process !

 The latest genius invention  the mask lotion !

Mask en lotion

   Very fond of the multi-layering lotions, Asians now have only one new gesture:

They put the lotion on their face and wait, as if it were a mask for the the moisturizing, whitening boost usually coming from conventional masks.

So, this is simply a “mask lotion “, ” mask -in lotion !” L’Oréal has obviously already taken its share in this niche market with its lotion 3 in 1 HYDRA FRESH : The Hydra Fresh lotion, lotion first to power a mask , can be used in three different ways:

1) Classic lotion that is applied with either a cotton after cleansing the skin, either slightly dabbing his face with the palms .

2) In essence : applying lotion after a classic , gently massaging the product until penetration.

3) Mask : for more intensive care , applying a larger amount of product on your face before bed, to leave it overnight , like a sleeping mask . Mask -In Lotion SKII Cellumination SKII offers a more luxurious version of the mask-in lotion in its range ” Cellumination ” with action ” Radiance ” / ” whitening” and more.

Better, quicker, more convenient is the receipe for success for cosmetics company in this market!

Some brands even offer masks lotion in tissue capsule , which swell product and then unfold to land on the face by marrying its forms. In Sekkisei ( Kose ), we find these tablets masks, which can be used with any brand of lotion , according to needs and desires of each. The lotion is poured into a small cup , then added the ” mask capsule” , it is expected that the mask inflates and permeates , and it’s ready to use!

L’Oréal has found here the solution of anticipating a customer’s needs by simplifying a tedious daily routine and make it more convenient.

Given that Chinese customers aspire at better products and more efficient ways of doing their daily routine to save time, focusing on such opportunities is a good idea. With the growing trends of the Chinese women having their own career they may not be able to take the time they used to to take care of themselves.

So the good idea is to identify what could be made more practical and offer a product more convenient not necessarily a brand new formula. Better ease of use is often enough.

A good idea is good, but a good digital marketing to spread it is much better!

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