How to create a good website in China?

The web market in China welcomes more than 540 million users. The online community is one of the largest in the world. Indeed, anyone who wants to create its own website has an interest to respect the specific rules for China to reach the most readers. It is important to know that the Chinese web is well-controlled by the government.

chinese website


First, register a domain name “.Cn” is the first thing to do. Obtaining the domain is restricted since 2010 to people living in China with the justification of their home . A foreign person will have to contact one of its Chinese employees to get it. Regarding SEO, Baidu , the leading search engine in China, favors “.cn”.

Afterwards, do not forget to choose a host in China. To create your own website in China, you will have to go through this step. You will reap many benefits towards the user and the search engine. You would be wrong to think that Baidu works like Google. In fact , Baidu brings much more importance to Chinese IP addresses when it uses algorithms . However , this accommodation will truly respect the rules imposed by the Chinese government. Censorship or ” Great Firewall ” is indeed very present on the web. You can see through different social networks used (ex Wechat , Weibo). Facebook is forbidden in China .



It is sometimes possible to use local agencies operating in China offering their service to create websites fully localized . This solution ensures access to the Chinese market. Any business (start up) wishing to establish  in China must have done prior research not to miss its launch. With the help of those agencies, you may pay an expensive price. The two options have advantages and drawbacks. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the best solution for your website.


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