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.cn domain name

.CN is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for China. Anyone can register for a .cn domain name. Indeed, any individual from any country can register for,, .中国, .公司 and .网络 domain name with their personal name.
You need to find an ICANN accredited registrar, offers domain names and domain name registration, renewals    and domain transfers for many TLDs. You can choise  .cn,,,, .中国, .公司        and .网络.

Example :


BUsiness China internet

Main conditions to register a .cn domain name

There are some special registration requirements and restrictions for .cn domain name:

-Only organization from selected countries is eligible to register,, .中国, .公司 and .网络 domain name under its company name. Eligible Country List is opened to the public on the web.
-Companies like “Web-NIC” can provide partners Local Contact Service in China. Local Contact Service is chargeable, the fee is USD 10 per domain per year.
An .cn application submission is not consider as registered, domain will be under “in-auditing” status. Supporting document is required for auditing, supporting document required to be email to support team within 3 days from the application submission date. MIIT ICP Recording Number is required to activate a successful application.

Procedure to obtain the China’s MIIT ICP Recording Number is as follows: Website owners have to apply for an ICP License in order to legalize the website. ICP license is like an online business license from Chinese government: it is a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to allow China-based websites to operate in China.  Only recording number after the ICP request being verified and passed is eligible for a .cn domain activation. An verified and passed ICP request will have a ICP certificate. Registrant need to record the name with MIIT ICP Recording system, after the application pass.

If Registrant is not registered in China’s MIIT ICP Recording system, domain name will be on “serverhold” status. Domain status will be changed to “ok” until Registrant is able to provide Registrar with the MIIT ICP Record Number.

Required documents and forms must be submitted on time, correctly completed, have clear data, correct and sufficient supporting documentation and must pass .cn registry’s auditing. If these conditions are not met, the domain names applied for will be automatically deleted and refund is provided. In this case, a full re-application with the correct full-set of documentation will be required.


Required supporting documents for a .cn new application

For Individual Application: Registrant contact identity card copy, driving license copy or passport copy (both sides, jpeg format)

For China’s Applicant:
-Registrant Company Business License (jpeg format), the license should be within the period of validity
-Registrant Company Certificate of Organization Code (jpeg format)
-Registrant contact identity card copy (both sides, jpeg format)

For Hong Kong’s Applicant:
-Business Registration (BR) Certificate, the license should be within the period of validity (jpeg format)
-Registrant contact identity card copy (both sides, jpeg format)

For Applicant from other country:
-Registrant Company Business License/Certificate issued by the respective country’s authority (jpeg format), the license should be within the period of validity
-Registrant contact identity card copy (both sides, jpeg format)

For all the applicants: domain name(s) that used for website where server is located in mainland China now or in the future, the ICP number must be applied from MIIT in accordance to the Chinese Government’s regulations. ICP number shall be provided to the domain name registrar when available.

Important information:

-China applicant must submit Business License and Certificate of Organization Code, which is a key document for auditing.
-Documents submitted must be consistent and tally with the information of the domain name. If the document is in Chinese form, the domain information must be in Chinese and vice versa. Only supporting documentation in English and Chinese will be accepted.
-Registrant Contact person name must be tally and match as per personal ID document.
-Registry reserve the right to delete a domain name if the supporting documents submitted is insufficient or incorrect, and the right to further acquire extra supporting documents for auditing.

Local Contact Service

Partners may subscribe .cn domain Local Contact Service through partner central. Although Local Contact Service for .cn is subscribed, supporting document is still required to ensure that the applicant is a valid entity.

Supporting documents are as follows:
-Registrant Company Business License/Certificate issued under respective country’s law/act , within period of validity
-Registrant contact personal ID (both sides, pdf or jpeg format) and Personal ID (driver license, passport, resident card/ID)
-Fill in the Registrant information, enclose with authorized signature and company seal. Agreement can be downloaded through Terms and Condition under .cn registration page in Partner Central.

It is advised to prepare the above required documents before submit the domain registration with Local Contact Service and send the documents within 48 hours from the registration application submission date and time, otherwise the registration application will be cancelled.

Reserved or blocked .cn domain names

All of the following contents are strictly forbidden:
-Those that are against the basic principles prescribed in the Constitution;
-Those  jeopardize national security, leak state secrets, intend to overturn the government, or disrupt of state integrity;
-Those  harm national honor and national interests;
-Those violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;
-Those spread rumors, pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes, disturb public order or disrupt social stability;
-Those insult, libel against others and infringe other people’s legal rights and interests;
-Those that are prohibited in laws, rules and administrative regulations.


China website cn

Other characteristics concerning .cn domain name and registration

The length for .cn domain name is 1-63 characters.

The term of registration is between 1-10 years.

Partners may register the domain name through Quick Start Registration function.

Partners are allowed to delete a .cn domain name after registered. In case of cancellation, registration fee is refundable within 3 days grace period.

The term of renewal is 1-10 years.

Renewal grace period for .cn domain name is 40 days. Partners may renew the domain name through Quick Start Registration function.

For .cn domain name registered before 19 March 2007 under registry NEULEVEL, there is no Redemption Grace Period, but there is one (15 days) for .cn domain name registered since 19 March 2007 under registry CNNIC. Restoration fee is requires in order to restore a domain name.

After a .cn domain registered under NEULEVEL was expired, it will go through below life cycle: 40 days renewal grace period; No Redemption grace period; 5 pending delete. After a .cn domain registered under CNNIC was expired, it will go through below life cycle: 40 days renewal grace period; 15 days Redemption grace period; No pending delete. If partners did not renew or restore the domain name, it will be release for public re-registration approximately 45 days from the domain expiration date for domain registered under NEULEVEL and 55 days for domain registered under CNNIC.



Partners are allowed to initiate registrar transfer for .cn domain name. Domain will be extended for 1 year after completion. Registrar transfers in for .cn domain name will be allowed for Domestic-based registrars connecting through registry’s gateway. Domain names registered through non-Domestic-based registrars cannot be transferred into Domestic-based registrars, and vice versa. Partners are also allowed to initiate reseller transfer for .cn domain name.

Partners may manage domain name (for instance name protection, retrieve authorization information and so on) through User Management function.

How to rename registrant for a .cn domain name:

-The request is required to be sent to your hosting solution, including the current and new registrant name.
-The new application form is required to return with the business seals or signature of both current and new registrant together with supporting documents.
-Photocopy or scan version documents for both current and new organizations’ business licenses (pdf format) and personal IDs (both sides, pdf or jpeg format) of the contact person are required to submit for verification.
-All requests will be verified by Registry and subject to Registry’s approval.

How to modifie and update .cn domain name’s WHOIS and DNS:
-The request is required to be sent to your hosting solution including the current and new information.
-The new application form is required to return with the business seals or signature of the registrant’s organization together with supporting documents (Business Registration Certificate and personal ID).
-For registrant’s contact person name change, photocopies or scanned version documents of personal IDs (both sides, pdf or jpeg format) for both original and new person are required to submit for verification.
-Modify or update other information such as Administrative, Billing, Technical, and DNS can be done in Reseller Panel.

Internationalized Domain name (IDN) for .cn ( When an domain is registered, its variant under .中国 extension will be reserved under the same registrant as well, and vice versa.


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