Pan Shuangshuang, from Taizhou, Zhejiang, is a beautiful model, also known as the ” Little Shu Qi from Taizhou”. As a cyber-celebrity regonized as beautiful young model, Pan now has become one of the most popular star.

While there are many sexy girls in China would like to become famous with their photos, why only Pan Shuang Shuang excels the others?

In the beginning, as a football babe, her sexy photos were posted on the network in 2010.Because of her similar face like Shu Qi, a famous Taiwanese star for her sexy impression; Pan Shuangshuang started to be called as “Little Shu Qi” over night. Hot photos of great help for the diffusion because users usually don’t hesitate to share those content in their circule, it’s also a little bit too sexy to the traditional values, even daring to challenge people’s moral bottom line, which also arouses a discussion online.
From this we can see the two mostly-used strategies that help stars to become famous in China:

1. Borrowing the fame from the existing celebrities

In this case, Pan Shuang Shuang borrows the fame from Shu Qi. While later, she also benefit a lot from a rumor that she had a relationship with the popular star Lin Feng at that time.
No matter who is associated with her, the principle of this kind of buzzes is to attract the attention of the massive fans from those superstars and then arouse a debate among the fans.


2. Arousing and diffusing a controversial topic

Pan Shuang Shuang uses her sexual or sensual pictures to attract those who like this kind of content such as media and single young man, or “Diao Si”(see more about Diaosi). And they are the majority of the Chinese online community. Thus, with the help of them, Pan Shuang Shuang can get attention from many netizens in a very short time.