What is Mòmò /陌陌 ?

Momo is a Chinese flirting app launched in two versions: a Chinese version (2011) and an international version in English (late 2012).

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Momo brand position marketing

The beginning of May, momo launch a wave of brand advertising appeared on the streets, this is the first time momo convey a clear brand positioning and strategy, the slogan “always a novelty in the side.” The brand positioning is the interest of social, agents of W + K Shanghai.


Dating her, talk favorite things

momo2 momo3


The end of May, momo in the “Legal Evening News” launched 14 “name” posters, while vocal on social platforms, tries to get rid of “flirting artifact” image. Social media APP spread on the paper, and then folded back to stimulate discussion on Social. This is a new idea.

In the early, momo accumulated a large number of users and reputation, by virtue of their advantages of as “flirting artifact”. However, in the dissemination of “flirting artifact” ,the brands and products also be positioned into a small space. out of the alley to show a more healthy and positive brand image, is momo imperative. How to get out of this alley to show a healthier and positive brand image is momo imperative. So these copyrighting appeared.



With posters, momo also launched copy-writing collection activities. Momo select 50 Copy-writing, making posters spread again in social platforms. Allowing UGC content has become an effective marketing campaign.


After the campaign on social networks, momo implement activities offline “sneaked into” Beijing supermarkets.


They put the card which printed copy-writing and picture next to toothpaste, laundry detergent, cleanser, Chicken Soup books and other goods. When people buy these things, it implanted the concept “momo is not flirting app “.