Deviate the Chinese online censorship is becoming increasingly difficult!


Nowadays, Virtual private networks (VPN) are essential used by individuals and by foreign companies to circumvent the censorship. But this has now also been blocked by a kind of digital “Great Wall” of the Chinese government. According companies specializing in virtual private networks, the new filtering system of China is able to “block” the methods used by virtual private networks.


Virtual private networks


The aim of virtual private networks consists in creating a “private” network protected within the Internet, which mask the identity of the user. Exchanges between the user and virtual private networks are encrypted and allow people to surf on the Internet freely. For all sites, the connection does not come from China but other countries such as the United States, France, Australia … The VPN is then responsible for transmitting data anonymously to the Internet.

According to the Global Times, foreign suppliers of virtual private networks are now considered illegal by the MII (Ministry of industry, information and technology), where companies must register their websites to. According to an employee of the department, only Chinese companies are allowed.

A specialized company in the Chinese market indicates that the operator China Unicom now cut all connections through a virtual private network. Astrill, as son of the most known VPN and used in China, send email  to its users to alarm them that four methods used for these private networks are now blocked.

In early November, the use of virtual private networks was severely limited during the 18th congress of the Chinese Communist Party (2012). In mid-November, the Chinese authorities began to warn employees of foreign companies that use virtual private networks could cut their internet connection.


Written by Daxue Consulting



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