A report from Sina shows that, over 130,000 companies have opened their weibo accounts by the end of Feburary, 2012.
The majority of these companies manage weibo accounts by themselves, only a small number of them cooperate with professional copmpany to manage their weibo accounts.



Accounts managed by professional companies VS Accounts not managed by professional companies


Weibo : Professional Companies VS Normal Companies



1. Introduction

Two condom companies: Durex and Donless will be taken as examples.

Durex- An account managed by a professional company

Durex is a world-wide famous condom producer.14 years after it entered Chinese market, Durex has taken over 30% of the market share in 2012. Durex uses a professional team to manage its weibo account.

durex logo

Donless —An account not managed by professional company

The other brand taken as an example here is called Donless. As a Chinese company, Donless was established in 1998 and now it has occupied 10% of the market. On weibo, it manages its account by themselves.

Deluxe logo

2. Content

To study on the difference, the content put on May. 22, 2012 from Durex and Donless accounts were taken as samples.

Donless has put 10 posts on that day.

During the same time, Durex has put 13 posts.

3. Comparison

  • when the account created

Durex created its weibo account on Feb 9, 2011

Donless created its weibo account on Feb 12, 2011, 3 days after Durex.

  • the number of posts

Durex: 13 posts; Donless: 10 posts

In terms of the quantity, these two companies are quite even on weibo.

  • originality

Durex created 11 posts and shared 2 and these two posts are also created by them.

Donless created 1 posts and shared 9 from other accounts.

Durex seems very rejective to sharing posts from other accounts. In fact, Durex only shares 1 or 2 posts in a week.

Comparatively speaking, Donless only creates 1 post everyday. Because shared posts usually take much space, it is difficult to find  posts made by Donless on its weibo account.

  • topic

Among the 13 posts on Durex account published on May 22,  6 of them are about its activities, another 5 are sex jokes or pictures like the one below:

(translation: sometimes it’s not good to take something for sure at the first sight )

The other 2 are sex jokes or pictures  with condoms such as the following one:

(Translation: when receiving gift like this, will you use it…?)

For the posts on Donless account, 8 posts are  funny stuff, 1 is about healthcare information and 1 motto which is the only post original. None of them is related to sex or condoms.  What’s interesting is the only post original has no relation with its product or its company image.

(this is the only original post on May 22, on Donless weibo account. Translation: to be the best of yourself, no need to be unique; no need to be special. Because when you are trying to be special, you become common in another way.)

To sum up, Durex posts are highly related to the three elements: sex, easy, condom. However, the posts from Donless are not related to the products and theme so much, only funny stuff.

  • illustration

Illustration is considered as ABC to weibo marketing. While in fact, all the original posts on Durex account are illustrated by pictures. On the contrary, all the original posts on Donless are posted with no pictures.

  • publishing time


The first chart shows when weibo users are active during one day(study on activity and time on weibo).

And the second chart shows when Durex and Donless are active during  a day.

From these two charts, we can see that Durex basically follows the habbit of weibo users and put posts when users are active. On the contrary, Donless doesn’t follow the habit of users. For example, from h16-h17, users become less active, so durex doesn’t put any posts while Donless put 2 at that time.

  • shares and replies

Donless got 2 shares and 1 comment in all from all the posts on May 22.

On the same day, Durex got 2531 shares and 1606 comments. Which means, each posts got 195 shares and 124 comments in average.

Their results are just worlds apart.

4. analysis

Durex and Donless created their weibo accounts almost at the same time; publish similar quantity of posts everyday, but the quality in the content makes everything different. From this case, the posts from professional companies

  • are more relevant to the product
  • contain more positive element
  • have more creativity
  • have less mistakes
  • published on right time.

However, like the value of professional design of a weibo account is hard to measure, everybody konws professional content is very important, but very few people can really understand deeply its importance.  It’s important because it is the message sent to the customers and it influences customers’ feeling about the products and company image.

If a company wants to promote itself on weibo with enough budget, choose a professional weibo company can be a good choice. It can help company

  • save time and effort
  • avoid mistakes
  • deeper insight, broader vision on weibo.
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