Wearing sport brands become a trend, be athletic is also a new trend in China. But how sport brands are successful in China? You will see that Nike has a huge impact in China. Here we will see a range of main tools used to promote sport brands and for each tool we will give you an example.


How to market your Sport Brand in China

1) Vidéo

Video is one of the most interesting support because you can understand immediately the message behind the marketing campaign. Moreover you have a visual support, that’s mean that you can live the brand experience in live. Here a video of Lining, one of the most popular sport brand in China that proposing middle ranging price comparing to other international brands like Adidas or Nike.
This video is showing the power of the badminton racket by Lining.


2) Photo

The photo is a quite challenging advertising support because all the message and campaign idea has to be summarized just in one picture. Here the case of one of the most popular brand in China especially concerning basketball is 361°. The main point of differentiation with Lining is the fact that 361° is standing as the professional sport brand in the way to encourage people to work out more and doing more exercises. Here 3 main pictures were linked and advertised together in order to promote the professional basketball shoes presented with nice design and efficient technology.




3) The right message

The right message? What does that means? It will be the case when one of the brand will catch the customer’s attention with just a simple sentence or simple words. Those words will be stick on people’s mind and this is the main strength of a brand. I think that everyone knows the mythical message of Nike “Just do it”. One of the main reason why Nike has been successful in all over the world is with this message. Another brand has also been really successful in this field area in China is Adidas. You know “Adidas is all in” means you can find everything that you need in Adidas world.


4) Community management targeting one sport

Let’s talk again about Nike brand which has been a huge success in China and especially its famous shoes called Jordans, basketball shoes. You may have noticed the “Jordan’s wave” among Y generation and young people. We can explain this success with the successful community management campaign around Jordan’s shoes universe. Jordan became social with the booming of social Medias with Wechat, Weibo…etc. and with a huge communication around the brand’s name in reference to the famous basketball players Michael Jordan. Made for playing basketball purpose, it becomes trendy and fashion to wear Jordan fitting your everyday clothes.


5) Use Athlete

sport 6

Working a bit like the KOL’s, using athlete image can have a more efficient impact than in other sector areas. Why? Because when you a see an athletic people wearing these kind of shoes or clothes, it would probably come to your mind that those products are valuable and it might worth to buy it. Lining brand with Dwayne Wade, the famous basketball player, 3 time NBA champion.

6) social media in China… is really usefull

One of the best example of successful social media campaign is Nike on Wechat. Nike has incredibly succeed on Wechat channel to promote all their campaigns, one of them was called “We own the night”. Fans following the Wechat account of Nike can receive many updates from the event and can upload their pictures. More, they can add some more effects and allowed them to print it put in some Nike stores.

sport 7

7) E-Commerce : more convenient

Skechers is become recently really successful and appreciated brand among Chinese consumers. How can we explain its success? Skechers has lead a solid strategy talking about its retailing and especially about its brand image. Before Skechers was knowing as a middle range brand for teenagers but now it has changed direction moving to a more athletic lifestyle by targeting this fitness young generation.


8) Buzz Marketing

Do you remember the Adidas marketing buzz in subway in China? Wait your train and do some exercises. Adidas has this genius idea to put some punching ball in Chinese waiting train station and allowing them to get rid of the stress before starting a long journey at work. It was a really successful campaign.


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