The digital effect upon the cosmetic market in China

The cosmetic market in China is one of the most difficult to comprehend. Firstly because of its size, it is the second biggest in the world after Western Europe, and secondly because of its growth, with over 200 billion yuan of turnover and an annual 15% development. Therefore, it requires a good supply and positioning, via mass media, through promotional campaign and Chinese ambassador’s brand image. A good reputation and an ease of interaction with consumers on Internet is essential. The e-commerce of this sector brought back more than 58 billion yuan with a growth of 60% in 2012. The digital era is becoming a primordial marketing in China and if you hope to launch a cosmetic brand without a hook, you need to take it into account.


Consumers don’t take the time to visit point of sale as much as they used to. They are  trusting more and more their network and what they can see and hear on the internet. This is why publicity campaign broadcast upon online platform, like Weibo, are very popular. They can be liked and shared allowing the brand to have more visibility and reach more potential customers that it would through television or magazines.

Word of mouth is everything to be chosen by potential customers

Word of mouth is also more important than we realized. Before buying, Chineses look meticulously for information and demonstrations posted by previous clients, opinion leaders just as microbloggers or also directly professional S&S thanks to their detailed record. Those people represent thousands of thousands, even millions sometimes, of followers who believe them and spend a significant amount of time watching and reading their blog.

From the moment where the information source is known, it’s quite easy to control it. Let’s not forget that the digital age is also the crisis of confidence age. Consumers don’t trust brands and their promises (competition is harsh!). From now on, it’s thanks to the advices and recommendations of spokesperson or muse that they can truly identify with the brand’s values. It’s the key for earning clients recognition and loyalty.


Otherwise, point of sale, mall and supermarket usually gather huge commission on cosmetic sales. Customers seek for a better price when they are buying online. The website Jumei proposes a quantity of special offers and promotions on this type of goods, and by that, insures a competitive position compared to the one of its competitors that don’t have an online field. It is also likely an effective way to stay connected with the consumer target and interact more easily and rapidly with the demand. To make it happen, brands should create their own website, correlated with their Chinese one, to avoid the mall and distribution additional cost and to improve on targeting Chinese’s provinces which have more difficulties to access the big cities maketing.

The solution is to master in digital marketing

Social network are often the origin of fears because brands are afraid of overflowing after discontented comments or a failure in the use of a product. Today, it is vital to know and be aware of how to use and control those platforms to urge on sales. Furthermore, it is necessary to learn how to handle and manage this new marketing medium which increases exponentially.

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