There is no doubt that Chinese young generation has been shifted in Chinese society in many different aspects. These young people have been called post- 90s. People used to say they are generation of consumerist, wasteful and non-mainstreamparty. However, they are striking in China and really making its mark on changing of purchasing behavior, individualism, attitude, and society perceptions in a positive way.

The post-90s generation has been growing up with the development of internet and living in a digital life since beginning of late 90s. They have been influenced by Changing of internet time after time. However, they can adapt to this changing situation quickly and love to see the changing and hunger for every new thing just put in front of them and experiment with it, especially in digital!


We just like to play with internet a little bit !

Is that just a little bit ? It is sounds cocky, but this is exactly how post-90s express themselves with such Self –consciousness attitude. However, you can not deny that Chinese post- 90s is the expertise of online digital and they are making the changes of online marketing as well as whole today’s marketing environment . let’s take a look how they are experiencing on the internet .


About  16 million post-90s are using internet everyday, it  made up to 13% of the total number of China Internet users. 50% of them surf internet more than four times every day.

According to China Internet Watch, more than 45% of post-90s generation use  Mobile devices to surf the internet, mobile phone is their main tool to surf online and this trend is still going up.

What are they doing online ? the most of activities they are doing is chatting with circle of friends on the social chatting App  and searching information on the social media platforms, in addition, buying things online.all the activities they are doing online is all about exploring the new things,new information to meet their attitude of being adventurous.



We love big label of brands, But don’t think we will like you without seeing you are doing something online .

The post-90s has very high- self awareness and self- centered. They know what they want and their own thoughts and to be able to express feeling of their own is more than anything. This characteristic of post-90s has been given to all the advertisers and markers of brands. Nowadays, brands have to think of new strategies of winning  the post-90s and obviously, it is hard than any other group of people like post- 80s and 70s. Most of brands are struggling with how to connect with post- 90s and study of how to win the hearts the post-90s generation have just begun.

As we can see most of brands have been forced to go with digital to meet post-90s satisfaction. No matter you are a big luxury brand or a domestic brand, you have to expose your brand online, especially on the social media platform so that the post- 90s can ‘ check’ your brand regularly. They will check what’s new about your brand or if it’s interesting of your new season product of your brand. Any improvement of your brand ? What’s the quality of your brand? If the setting price is reasonable to meet the product ? Are you doing any interactive activities online ?.  If you don’t, Sorry, they will not choose you.4

According research,the post-90s’ attitude of luxury brand, many ideas form the post 90s are the same, quality of the product matter than the title of the brand and the price has to meet the quality of product. They are more tend to be rational when purchasing a product rather than other groups of people are more focusing on the brand names.


How you engaging with your audience online is important to the post- 90s generation


More and more marketers have realized that to win the post-90s is not that easy, in stead, they need to think outside of box that how post-90s think,behave and act with regard to marketing strategies. Online marketing is essential and how you market your brand online with a interactive marketing is the key to the success of winning the post-90s.

The post- 90s are not easily persuaded by the big name of celebrities who are used in the  TV advertising anymore, especially when it comes to fashion, food and cosmetics. Instead, they would like to get to the brand by exploring different resource and channels, especially social media to find out the insight of the brand and they are hard to please !

What they like ? They like to see a interesting story of a brand , a great activity which allows them to participate. And at most of time, a positive action of a brand, or a message which touches their heart with a new idea will be greatly gain their interests trust ! So, as to marketer, the marketing strategy you choose has to get as close as possible to the post 90s and “ being a friend of the post-90s” could be your best strategy.

A good example will the Coca-Cola customized bottles campaign in 2013.  They put different personalized labels with the popular terms or website popular language amongst the post-90s ( the terms are maybe not only from the post-90s, but most of them were from the the post-90s web culture ), such “ you are my diva”(你是我的女神) or “real man” (纯爷们) . These phrases are all coming from what the post- 90s normally communicate with friends on the social media. The campaign was mart to spillover these words into the post 90s’ real life.  As result, the post-90s generation share the campaign bottles on the social media and other communication App. Because they they love this interesting idea of promoting campaign which really closes to their life and individual personalities in each them.


It is ture that he post 90s has become the major spending customers yet.However, they will definitely become the major spender in the market soon in few years. What we are really seeing now is that the Post generation has already changed the market invironment for most of brand and online marketing is crutial for the marketers !


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