Digital Marketing in China

Digital marketing is marketing that uses electronic devices like Smartphone’s, tablets, personal computers, game consoles and cell phones in getting the stakeholders engaged. Digital marketing involves the usage of platforms and technologies like websites, apps (mobile and classic), social networks and e-mail. Some organization cross digital and traditional marketing sources as well.

Digital marketing is also the advancement for your organization that is using or more of these ways cellular phones, social networks or e-mails. Be it a classy greeting you send to your customer’s Smartphone or a personally relevant coupon by SMS to your customer or a weekly newsletter including your updates and any specialties. Customers are very keen in knowing this sort of information and digital marketing delivers just that so your business can advance without any prior knowledge.


Digital marketing

To say digital marketing is astronomical is not wrong. This is the type of direct marketing that has only advantages that brings along personal attention of the customers, motivates action and much more. It also helps in creating uniform messages that are personally formatted for each recipient like if you want to discuss a recipient by his/her first name or offer activity performed in the past by the  customer. In fact the digital marketing allows you to measure results in quantity and giving exact information to who was exposed to your message and when and lets you know which action the viewer performed for result. This is why anyone can launch successful campaigns with digital marketing that also without hiring anyone professional.



Digital marketing in China

Few people have any doubt on china being the huge market in the scheme of things globally and to tap into the market burgeoning the domestic online channels becoming the most efficient way for reaching China’s daunting customer base that directs to the products and services offered.

Whether you have a small or a large-scale business as an outsider entering or is operating in the formidable and challenge filled market, or are having a home-grown enterprise, it’s clear the urgent need in becoming web savvy is the order to stay competitive and gain any measure for future commercial success.

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China’s current net usage

China today is having an internet population of 485 million users and estimates by 2015 to be more than 650 million. This is definitely going to be important for the travel industry since nearly 80% of Chinese travelers would like information and be able o exchange information and options about products, travel services and destinations. The internet is also often used for on-line reservations for hotels. The fee is relatively low and this is also the reason it enjoys professional, young and a large audience. The pay is usually informed of a page space rental instead of the pay-per-click like in the west.

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Digital Marketing China style

Foreign companies never have it easy in China and even the social sites are no difference. Even in the digital world the difference is clear to see. You say Google, they say Baidu; you say Twitter, they say Weibo; you think YouTube, they think Youku; you log to Facebook, they log to Renren/weibo/wechat. To be more specific to get up and running in china you might need a local based number to get your accounts verified, your company’s chop for documentation or proof that you have the rights to sell the product you are advertising on your site. Sounds mind boggling but once you get the hang of it, you will succeed.

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