China is growing very fast, in term of political mindset, economy, business, education, lifestyle, and the like. At the same time, the digital world of China is not just growing fast, it is exploding. The digital counterparts of the basic infrastructure of China is now sky-rocketing to the top with China having the most internet population, of around 618 million netizens, in the world. In order to give you a better idea, the Chinese netizens account for about 45% of the worldwide netizens. With this huge number of internet users in China, businesses both local and foreign are now taking advantage of this massive opportunity to sell their brands in different ways across different platform in this big on-line chaos that is China.

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Digital marketing in China

There are many ways to go on about the digital settings of your business to sell in the Chinese market and here are some factors and important details that you should know about digital marketing in China:

Internet in China


Internet for the Chinese is not just internet; it’s a way of life. It is what they open the moment they wake up to what they last see before they sleep. Chinese people are basing everything on the internet, from major decisions to which restaurant they should eat to after work. It is the inception of cravings, promotion of brands, creators of want, and producers of need. The internet is the most important and influential medium across the whole of China.

Social networks


Social networking sites or services (SNS) are really big in China right now. Without your typical Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, China has its own social networking counterparts. With more than 600 million users per month, QZone is the top social networking site in China. Followed by WeChat or WeiXin, Sina Weibo, Renren, and Momo, they are the major SNS platforms in China today.

Social networks are Chinese’ venue for free speech, for information sharing, for getting news, for having control, social networks are Chinese’ way of having a bit of freedom.

Going mobile

There are more than 1.25 billion mobile cell phone users in China today, with around 578 million people accessing the internet through their mobile phones. E-commerce is increasing demand in China, and with their constant use of mobile devices, M-commerce is on its way to new heights.

Online advertising

Advertising on the internet creates a buzz in people’s lives. With different kinds of ways from product placements, buzz marketing, viral videos, story –telling, on-line advertising is popular and effective in influencing the Chinese market.

Key opinion leaders


Key opinion leaders are the first people to target in marketing in China. They are the people with very high and popular standing across the internet world of China. They are those people that Chinese listen to, that Chinese are attracted to, that Chinese could be influenced by. For instance on Weibo, KOL can gather up to millions of follower. A perfect example of this would be Yaochen, the queen of Weibo with more than 50 millions of followers!

Social and traditional media

Traditional media in China, which consists of television and radio streaming, is interconnected with social media. Almost all of the broadcast and television personnel have social media accounts. Most of the time, broadcasts and television networks often relay information to their followers through social media.

Fake social networking accounts

From fake official user accounts to fake fan accounts, from fake likes to fake clicks, from fake views to fake comments, these fakes are the product of web-marketing. Some Web-marketing agencies cheats their business clients into showing them how important and famous they are, but the thing is, credibility to these actions could only last a while, afterwards it’s very bad for user engagement. Serious web-marketing agencies use very cost-efficient web marketing strategies to create true interaction between followers so that their clients can have a lasting good and widespread reputation.

QR codes


QR codes are those two dimensional bar codes used for online to offline marketing. Firstly used by Wechat, this figures allow customers to link their social media account to the brand own account using the camera of their phone. This is a quick way of attracting customers to your website or own official social network account at a buzz event for instance.

Tablets in China

Like mobile phones and desktop/laptop computers, tablets could get you to connect to the internet, send messages, and the like, though tablets have bigger memory space than mobile phones and have smaller and convenient sizes unlike laptop computers. China is the new market for tablet gadgets today, with a huge growth and a huge market to sell to.

E-commerce breakthrough

China is now considered the biggest market for e-commerce today, with more than 302 million on-line shoppers by the start of 2014 and a market size reaching $296 billion by the end of 2013. E-commerce platforms like Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall,, and a lot more, the biggest and most promising comes from B2B, B2C, C2C, and independent suppliers.


Digital marketing agency is way cheaper and more effective than the traditional way of marketing in today’s very digital China. Whether it would be by setting up accounts or by online word of mouth, the digital marketing strategy is now the best way to be known.

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